Why is GUI for Blender SOO HORRIBLE?


This thing keeps changing… I’ve looked through 20 different tutorials and the GUI ALWAYS looks different. I mean what is the use of all those tutorials if you can never find that little icon you need…

so for now i’ve noticed everyone has a freaking light icon they can click on and add more lights… they have it in the UPPER RIGHT corner.

I however don’t have it.

Then I look up some tutorials and they have all differents GUIs…

I mean what the hell?


Well, Blender 2.50 up to 2.79 UI was heavily inconsistent and counter intuitive. Everything was done in its own way, even when the same thing already existed elsewhere, hundrets of double entries, cluttered menus, the hotkey dilemma, and so on. And so the slightest change made it even more confusing.

This will change with 2.80. Still quite a few old problems around, but things are a bit more obvious and accessible now. But 2.80 it is still in heavy development, it is in Beta at the moment. And so things still changes. There are also new changes coming for 2.81, 2.82 and so on. And for 2.80 there aren’t this much tutorials around yet since it is still in development, and not officially out yet. It will come.

But there will never be a solution to the dilemma of the thousands of different Blender tutorials for pre 2.79. They are all made with different versions, from 2.50 up to 2.79, with all its small and bigger changes at the UI. What you could do is to grab the Blender version with which the tutorial was made. The old versions are still available at blender.org. Then learn the steps, and then transfer the knowledge to the newest version.