Why Is After effects so unloved by adobe?


So I’ve used After effects since V2… and have just gone back and looked at all the features and updates added over the years. I really don’t get why Adobe just let things stagnate so much.

They don’t listen to what people want and keep adding effects that no one asked for. Which is a shame because it could be so good. they need to fix things that actually matter to workflow.

Nodal pop ups. These need to die.
Project windows needs bins and better preview window at the top - it’s like 1cm across on a 4K monitor!
Multithreading!!! Still load of AE is single threaded and the main reason it feels clunky
Previews should be better and more intelligent.
GPU effects should be everywhere
Timeline groups
Nodal effects or linked effects
3D system should behave more like a 3D DCC.
A single expression editor with ALL a projects expressions on left - double linked to jump between them.
Bookmarks to jump to a comp / times.

It’s just depressing when you see the progress that 3D apps and Nuke make in a year and After effects doesn’t seem to get that much in 5 years.