Why is 3D Max so expensive to purchase?


I can’t believe how many times this has come up.

Might as well ask, why can’t I buy a NASCAR race car for $20,000. Its just a car, right?

3d software programs in general are very complex things. The math and solvers that are needed to push the limit into the next versions increase almost exponetially. Who doesn’t want to pay $100 for a program that will allow you to model, shade and render hair, raytracing, and fluids in real time?

At the same time think about how much money you want to charge clients for your work. No one is going to pay you more than $10 an hour when some kid could buy the software after mowing 5 lawns.

I know, I know this is an elitist view (heck I’ve been saving for months to buy Maya and am not there yet) but in a way its good for the prices to be so high. It allows us to charge more for our services and consequently reap higher rewards for our hard work.


These analogies are getting silly, and irrelevent as well.

Bobo has summed it up perfectly - the reason 3dsmax costs what it does, compared to other equally powered competitors, is due to a historical reason. Just leave it at that and stop trying to draw analogies between software and NASCAR.



Expensive? Your kidding right? I quess you don’t remember the days when 3D Software was $40,000. I guess you also don’t know what goes into creating it.

Max is cheap, I bought my first copy of it and it paid for itself and made me a profit on the first job I did with it.


Please… just compare the price of Max and Combustion to say Flame or Inferno on a Tezzro or Onyx… Nothing even close… and the performance of a 3D package is in many ways a heavier and more robust toolset…

Our recent Inferno upgrade (this is an upgrade not a new version) was like $67,000.00 US and the Flame/Smoke on Tezzro was over $200,000.00 (the maintenace contract on those systems alone is $32,000.00 a year :eek: )

So $3000.00 and $1000.00 for the lower end packages is really NOTHING!!!

Not to mention that one workstation with $4000.00 worth of software is capable of generating $45,000.00 a month in a high end Post facility!!

So in comparison seems REALLY cheap to me!


When I first heard that 3D Studio Max 7 was coming out, I was stoked. I don’t have alot of experience using the software. I kinda dinked around with Max 4 at my friends house but didn’t really create anything. Well that all changed when I started viewing some animations over at 3dlinks.com Than I came on here looked at some stuff that the users of this online community have created and I was like “Whoa!!” I hopped on over to Discreets website and purchased my copy of Max 7. I didn’t even download the trial software (Mainly because I do not have DSL…yet) I used my credit card that I just got done paying off 2 months ago. Yes, the software is expensive, but it was well worth it. And I don’t do film graphics or any of that type of stuff for a career. I do this as a hobby and I enjoy doing it.


Its not the software that you buy, its the license. Licenses are not only binary code, they’re a piece of mind, support, free training, and all the other things that come at that price. Nothing is free, and as somebody mentioned before Max was designed not for merely playing around, rendering and showing off to your friends. It was designed to realize professional intellectual properties and its scopes range way further than most people think.

Software is not easy to make and getting it to a selling point where you can guarantee its proper function and robustness takes experts and teams trained professionals. Therefore if you think that you cannot afford software like 3dsmax, its probably not the best choice for you. Trust me, people don’t just sit down and make up prices out of the blue; you get what you paid for, and if you decide to make a serious commitment in this field- then $3000 is not that much at all.

My $(2.0e-2) :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, but one of the things that’s bugging me is: if I buy one commercial version when I’m done with school, can I say buy a version of max/license as you put it and use it unlimited? Or would I have to keep paying to renew the license?


yes! you don’t need a “rental liscensce” the price thing is a no brainer, i beg admins to remove the next thread like this.


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