Why I get ugly airbrush in IX ?



I dont know why, but airbrush in Painter IX looks definitely much more uglier than in previous verisons of Painter. For comparison i put image done by the same digital airubrsh variant, with the same brush opacity and overall settings. Here you go:


oh i see…
Seems like the airbrush in p9 is harder.

Is there anyway to change the hardness of the brush like in photoshop?


Its the same airbrush like in other painters, i think they just messed the painter code a little in IX…



Don’t know if any of this will help, but you might try the following:

1. Restore all brush variants in the currently loaded brush library to their default settings:

Brush Selector Bar menu > Restore All Default Variants.

2. Reset your Brush Tracking using lighter than normal hand pressure:

Edit > Preferences > Brush Tracking

If that doesn’t help, try resetting your Brush Tracking again, using even lighter pressure. If you find the right settings, take note of what they are so you can return to them later.

3. Open Painter 8, restore all brush variants in the Painter Brushes default brush library to their default settings, then save the Digital Airbrush variant giving it a new name: “P8 Digital Airbrush.”

4.Close Painter 8, go to your file manager, and copy the P8 Digital Airbrush then paste it into the following Painter IX folder:

Corel > Corel Painter IX > Brushes > Painter Brushes > Airbrushes

5. Launch Painter IX and with all brush variants restored to their default settings, open a new Canvas and on the left side, test the default Painter IX Airbrushes’ Digital Airbrush variant. On the right side, test the “P8 Digital Airbrush” variant and see if there’s any improvement. Use the same colors and the same hand pressure for a good comparison.


Hi Jin, thank you for replay

I tried those whole things before, and unfortunately they doesnt work, thats why i posted this problem here. Im not a painter user since yesterday, I mainly use 6.1 and first thing what im doing when installing a new painter is importing my old brushes. Of course i did all possible tests before posting here including restored variant of airbrush, or just try on clean instalation and etc. I noticed that a lot of non-bitmap brushes works strange a little- airbrush add another colors on edges of a dab (specially when painting on copied layer), or even glow brush leave more skratches. Im almost sure that this is some problem in IX.
Im going to test it on the painter demonstration for a couple days near my place of living. I have to decide fast, because i am just getting a new job and i need to say which version of painter i want (9 or 6.1 of course).

and sorry for my pure english, not so fluent yet.

best regards.


What’s funny is that it looks exactly like the airbrush from Photo-Paint. I wonder of Corel is cannibalizing code . . .


If Corel do, its gonna kill this software. This is really very serious problem for ilustrators, if its not only my private problem I will never jump to the new version, because then i have to use photoshop simultaneously with painter just to use airbrush and make smooth gradients. 6.1 is sufficient for that kind of job for me now.


Hi again,

I was afraid that would be the case. I saw that ugly line thing and strange oily looking edges with the Painter IX Airbrushes’ Digital Airbrush variant. The best I could do with it was to use a very light touch and try not to overwork in a single area as it seems to get worse the more paint you apply.

While reading this thread again, I remembered something, and like the other suggestions above, I don’t know if it will help but it might be worth a try.

Someone said, several months ago, that they found the Painter 5 Airbrushes worked better than those in later versions (this was, of course, before Painter IX). If you have Painter 6, I believe the Painter 5 brushes are on the second CD and you could Import (convert) that Painter 5 brush library into Painter IX, then load it and see how it goes.

Since Painter 6 is old now, and some things about Painter 6 won’t work so well on the newer Mac OS versions, it might be best to get Painter IX at work, then also use your Painter 6 as a backup for things that work better in that version.

It’s a pain when things like this happen and I hope you’ll write directly to Corel Painter Program Manager Rick Champagne to tell him what you’re experiencing, along with your demo images so the developers can see what you mean. His e-mail address is:



this is the one reason Im not going to get IX … once they have made a useable airbrush Ill be very happy with the program. The airbrush has steadily got worse over the different versions. Im suprised that very few people seem to have noticed it??
Previously I have found better results if you change the profile from linear to pointed. But this upgrade has just made the airbrush absolutely useless. Photoshop has a brilliant airbrush, which makes me think why doesnt Corel buy Photoshop … THEN we will have the perfect program!!


Jin, thanks for the Rick email, but i will bet that they know allready about this problem.
Im little confused because i had discovered this for first 3 minutes of using the new Painter. I think that they knew exactly what`s wrong, and of all of that, they just relleased it. Beta Testers failed or Corel wanted to just push it forward because changing the code of software would be to huge operation for now… im sure this is not a problem of one brush or two, but source code they modified to get ‘cool new features’ like art-oils and overall speed - my suspicions.


Well I have noticed! I always thought it was amazing that perhaps the most important painting tool is working so badly. It can fairly easy create banding. Also it doesn’t shoot color continously in a good way like Photoshop does, at least not if you don’t have an airbrush wheel. But well the other brushes are great so I guess if one needs to do serious airbrushing we have to go do photoshop (!). Unless anyone has some good tips?



Almost the same problem with Glow brush.

I don’t have a capture of Painter 6 but here is what I got with Painter IX :

A lot of grain.

If you’re far that’s ok but I find it really ugly now when working whereas I had no problems with Painter 6 glow.

And that’s not the paper , it’s set to 0 contrast.



Can’t see from the screen shot…
Is the Grain setting on the top menu bar set to 0% also?


Yes but I tried 0% or 100% that doesn’t change anything.

So you find that’s a great glow like this?


The Painter IX Airbrushes seem to work almost like they’re using the Drip Method, and drag color around instead of simply applying it to the Canvas or Layer.

I think that’s the basic cause for the appearance of “grain”, since that happens to me as well, though I have the Grain slider set to 0% and even when I use a Paper made from a selection on a blank white Canvas (obviously no texture there!).

You might try applying your “glow” effect using another brush variant on a Layer and also fiddling with Composite Methods on that “glow” Layer. At least that way, the “glow” won’t interact directly with the Airbrush paint.

Looks like this is something for Corel to fix.


Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that we’re looking into this issue. For what it’s worth, we did not update or modify any airbrush specific code between version 8 and 9, so they theoretically should be the same. Again, we’re checking into it and if there is a problem in code, we’ll address it.
On a side note, we will never replace Painter’s airbrushes with PHOTO-PAINT’s or even Paint Shop Pro’s. Even if we did share code, it would be an addition to Painter (not a replacement) based on requests coming from you. If the Painter community isn’t asking for it, we’re not doing it. It’s that simple! Everything that went into Painter IX came straight from the community, and that’s how we will continue to improve Painter in the future!

Kindest Regards,

Rick Champagne
Program Manager, Corel Painter
Corel Corporation


Hi Rick!

Talk about quick responses! :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s good to know you already know about the Airbrushes problems in Painter IX and you’re looking into fixing them if possible. It is strange the way they behave like a mild Drip Method effect.

Hope all is well with you and the developers. Say Hi to them for me.



How exciting … I wait in eager anticipation!!!


and i was about to purchase my upgrade to IX. yikes! i guess i’ll wait if there’s an update to resolve this issue.


Great news. Little happy to hear that creating this thread was worth it.

Rick tell me, there are some chances to bring as OPTIONAL advantage, perfectly zoom style like it was in Painter 6 ? With fixed airbrush (btw this is not only the airbrush bug) and this excellent zoom, you have second costumer for IX.

There are more things that in my opinion become worsed with next editions of painter (for example: color picker window take more place than in 6/7 but have less color field to chose - for what was that change?)
next: i cant make the shortcut for the whole Brush Control, but for particular option with in. I like to work with hidden pallets, and when i need to make some changes to the brush, ive got hotkeyed General Options, BUT after i open this window i cant closed it - i dont have hotkey for Brush Control. Just make it possible pls…

for now its all, but i remember that the list was longer.

But thanks for replay and giving touch, that Corel really want to make this software better then its now. Looking forward for patch, and cant wait.