Why does my blue brush causes see through on my layer?


Every time I try to blend some seams on my model it causes see through and you can see the base layer. Someone please explain why this is happening and how to stop it.


can you post a pic of your problem? it would be easier to understand


Here it is. The brown spots are the places with see trough.


when you say “blend seams” i’m guessing you mean blur the edges where you have color. (or are you referring to actual UV seams?)

it’s hard to see that it’s actually transparent in the areas you have blurred. those areas just look like solid violet in color from here.

personally i would have a base layer , the Gums, then add a top layer for the teeth texture.

i have noticed with Mud that the blur brush does create odd discolorations if you blur color that is transparent.


I mean the uv seams. And I mean that the brown spots on my mesh are transparent spots on the texture layer. What you see is the standard base layer of mud box.


On the transparent locations.


i see. does this happen when you blur uv seams on other geometries? have you checked out your uv layout? Maybe some of your faces are not spread out correctly, or maybe your padding is too tight and when you blur they overlap… i don’t know just a guess.

maybe the texturing section here would get you access you people with uber knowledge of uv layout and texturing.

it does seem like an odd issue though… transparency comes from an opacity layer in mud. In my experience i haven’t seen it comes from anything else.


This is my texture. It indeed happens when I blur on or near the seams. I don’t know what you mean with padding.


I havent tried it on other geometries.


it’s my understanding that mudbox works better when the faces/uv’s are Quad based not triangles. Your uv layout seems to show triangle faces…

also the second row down shows the faces squeezed tightly together near the center then more uniform near the sides. those tightly packed areas may also cause you some troubles.

sure not all faces will be the same size, but that’s pretty tight.

i use Max and Mudbox and make it a rule (after much aggravation) to create all geometries out of squares. it makes working in mudbox much easier


Darn. I don’t wanna do that texture all over again.
And why no tris I learned that’s easier to understand for game engines.


thats true… tris are fine in games…
but mudbox loves quads… if you are using 2016 ext1 it should be fine to use tris also in mud…


But mudbox errors anyway if you have sharp corners?


I have mudbox 2014 by the way.