Why do you still post here? (IRONY ALERT)


I wonder why people still post to CG Talk these days. Seems to be a bit… curious. It’s a wasteland. Worst than that? The number of legit posts has become shockingly low - lost in a sea of bot driven threads about steroids, meth, porn, and all manner of phishing. CG Talk has pretty much become a dumping ground for the entire spectrum of spam.

I’m just wondering why most of you haven’t moved on to greener pastures and to better boards/services. Morbid curiosity on my part, asking this, really.


It’s like visiting an old neighborhood or the first house you grew up in. Even if the area is run down you still have an emotional connection and memories that shaped who you are.

In my case, I take pride that I use to come here a lot during my time in college, and was always asking questions on how I could make a better portfolio, and tips on landing on an industry job.

Like a lot of people, I shared feelings that being a professional 3D Artist might have been too hard and too late to get accepted. But then one day, my patience did pay off and I eventually did get an industry position.

So this message board is now an inseparable part of my life history. I have proof that I can always look back on where I accomplished my dream goal.