Why do I get rejection emails when adding to my portfolio?


I posted a new image to my portfolio gallery yesterday and today got the standard artwork rejection email. I don’t understand why I got this since I didn’t submit it to the finished work or wip pages, just my portfolio, where it shows up fine. So why did I get this rejection email?


Same thing happened to me – I just assumed all portfolio additions were viewed. Maybe not?


That’s odd. Are you sure you didn’t tick the little submission box?


You mean the one that says “submit to gallery”? Pretty sure I noticed that was unchecked (by default?). But gawd I hope not, cuz that would mean my work was rejected and I don’t know if I could handle that. :smiley:


Yeah, it’s a little box that gets checked. I haven’t noticed any unusual increase in gallery submissions, so if it was a bug in the system, it must have been isolated to only a couple of people.


Okay, it was user error. :slight_smile: I read the beginning of the text at the check box that says “Check this option to state that you have read and understand the…” and I automatically assumed it was a EULA and just checked it w/o reading the whole thing. Yes, that’s how I roll.





I’m nearly 100% certain that house you’re living in is made entirely of glass. :eek:


Hush now. That stuff is double glazed and reinforced.


With those decals that keep birds from crashing into them?


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