Why do DVD menus suck?


Why is it that they all simply feature snippets of scenes from the movie everytime you choose a feature? Why not make something new, like the Terminator DVD where you had the Terminator’s brain in 3D. Recently I rented Twisted Metal on the PS2. I didn’t like the game but the title screen and options layout was awsome. It was a huge cataclysmic scene of various vehicle from the game exploding, jumping through the air, rolling over etc, all frozen in time, and the camera would move around quickly depending on what option you chose. It looked great and was quite original compared to the average DVD movie. Where is the creativity?


Not all of them suck… depends on the people marketting the dvd i guess… i remember menu sequence on the FROM HELL dvd was kick-a$$… really creepy… the Speed DVD had seom cool stuff too…


Alot of the older DVDs that I bought in 98 and 99 seem to have much more interesting menus than movies nowadays. Maybe because it was a new field back then and there was more experimentation going on.

I think it’s partly because there are so many DVDs nowadays that it’s either a rush to get them out the door, the budgets can’t pay for the time it would take to make really cool menus, or people with no creativity are putting the menus together.

I hope the Indiana Jones menus are as good as the Star Wars ones. Those, along with Dark City and most of the Disney and Pixar movies, are some of my favourite menus. They all look like someone put thought and effort into them, and it makes the experience of searching through the extras alot more fun.


totally agree with you on this one. but then you get people say wow that menu was cool and its just clips off the movie. we pay enough for the damn things and the guys in sweat shops work hard enough so we shoudl get good menu’s! :wip:


Some of these fancy menu’s are a bit much I find. I’d rather just have a nice simple screen where I can select what I want instead of having to sit through a bunch of crap just to have bring up an option to start the movie.


The only thing that annoys me is having to wait 2 minutes to watch some damn clip play before I can select to play the movie. There should be standards about how long people should have to wait before being able to access the menu. And ALL Disney DVD menu’s are:thumbsdow There should a limit to how much crap you can stick on to the beginning of a dvd.


I’m sure a lot of it comes down to “the audience paid for the DVD, whether we spent an extra $100,000 on menu creation or not, so why not save the $100,000?”:shrug:



The only thing I’ve truly disliked about DVD menus is when the music does not loop correctly, and not for long enough. Sometimes you have to fiddle around with the menus for a while, or you leave the menu up while your mates are all doing their final bathroom trips before the movie starts, and badly looped music can just get irritiating after a while!:hmm:


The Abyss and Alien series DVDs have really cool menus. :thumbsup:


>>>Why not make something new, like the Terminator DVD where you had the Terminator’s brain in 3D.

Cause depending on the movie they may have anywhere for a few thousand to make the menu to ten’s of thousands.

Beleive or not some people just want to watch the movie :rolleyes:


I don’t like those elaborate menus, they remind me of those corny ass roller coaster rides they used to have in the movie theater.

Black Hawk Down has an interesting menu, and I also liked From Hell.


>>>I don’t like those elaborate menus, they remind me of those corny ass roller coaster rides they used to have in the movie theater.

??? What ? I have never seen this?


Heh, yeah, I think it was Century Theaters that used to do that… maybe it was just a local thing.

They had this minute long segment before the movie started, where you were on this ‘virtual roller coaster’ and they threw all these advertisements in your face.


Regal cinemas has it (no adverts, just concession items). They tried replacing it w/ some western w/ the little Pepsi girl (remember her?), but they went back to the old roller coaster one.


I am not sure about how good the actuall menu was but the one on Jonah; the Veggie tales movie was quite hillarious. Worth renting or buying the movie for just that.:thumbsup:


I’ve never been a big fan of the menus, for which I blame solely the manufacturers of DVD players: I’ve had three of them up til now, and not one had a decent remote control for navigating those menus. It simply spoils the fun when you try your best to hit left and still it goes down… I wont even comment on the ridiculous lag between the time I “click” and the reaction on screen… but then again when I play a DVD on my PC and use the mouse to navigate, that’s a whole different thing!

Speaking of which. I always feel like such a nitwit when I’m supposed to turn on dad’s video system… even with years of experience with computers and a few years of Computer Science on my back, I utterly fail to turn the thing on and get the movie going… does it have to be SO hard? :shrug:

So until the manufacturers come up with a simple RC with less than the 49 buttons I have now and perhaps a gamepad-like digital pad, I’ll always try to get to the movie as soon as possible and find the menus to be incredibly distracting…


The coolest menus i’ve ever seen were Fear And Loathing in Las vegas and Sopranos season 3. Fear and loathing menu was a whole entertainment of itself to watch. And sopranos menu had so much style and class, it was too cool for words.


My favourite menu is the one on the Spy Game DVD. Great music, great visuals, yet simple and easy to navigate through.


The menu on the Anatomie DVD impressed me.


Well actually, maybe Terminator was a bad example, but Twisted Metal’s menu did not take any time. The camera just moved very quickly through the frozen-in-time chaotic scene to the next menu. It’s not animation I want, just not some cheap random scene from the movie with a looping scene in the background, everyone does that. It could be a simple menu with a nice layout, animated slightly, not when you choose a feature.