Why did my Messiah thread get moved.


Lots of users, like myself, animate in messiah and render in Lightwave. Its still considered an add-on for lot of LW houses (aka Passion Pictures). Everything I mention were animation tools.
Whats the problem?


It was probably moved to the Messiah forum.


Yep I know where but why?
Its not like its non-Lightwave related.


Yeah but it’s about Messiah, not Lightwave.


Yeah but it’s about Messiah, not Lightwave.

??? :shame:
he is modelling in lw , rendering in lw … and just do animation in messiah …who is the problem ?
if we are thinking like you then we should have a forum area for every plugin… sasquatch,g2…and so on…
dont want to start a flame war …
just to tell that i think that messiah should be seen as great lw additional tool
:wavey: :beer:


Originally posted by Leigh
It was probably moved to the Messiah forum.

I just saw that thread in the messiah forum, and it is relevant to LW users, and this isn’t the first time it has happened. Why does it seem that there is this knee jerk reaction to all things messiah within the LW community?

It’s totally perplexing. I mean, we’ve been a part of this community from the very beginning… long before LW left the Amiga and went standalone. We not only support LW with our products, we have all been active members of the community in the past, promoting LightWave just as most die-hard LightWavers. Further, in all our travels to the various studios, we never once dissed LW (although the same can’t be said of NT with regards to messiah… hey, word gets back to us).

None of this is really directed at you, Leigh. I’m not only an admirer of your work (yeah I wanted to pop that zit, too;) ), I also admire the way in which you carry yourself in these forums.

I’m just trying to understand…



Bah, too much politics in here and everywhere. :wavey: I heart Leigh though, keep it up. :love:


I moved it because it was a duplication of the info you posted in the messiah forum itself. There were no malicious feelings involved, thats why I left the “moved” thing here so people could go check out the information if they were interested. I just didn’t see the point of discussing the same thing in 2 places.



it seems to me that the thread is mostly related to messiah and only slightly relates to lightwave…as such it obviously belongs there more than here

the fact that it might be slightly lw related is ok…why not have a slightly lw related thread in messiah forum instead of heavily messiah related thread here

cant believe things like this are being discussed at all
moderators only did the most reasonable thing


Mike, If this was the case , why did you not move the “Motionbuilder 5 upgrade??” thread to the Motionbuilder forum.

Just want some consistancy?


Originally posted by Mike RB
[B]I moved it because it was a duplication of the info you posted in the messiah forum itself. There were no malicious feelings involved, thats why I left the “moved” thing here so people could go check out the information if they were interested. I just didn’t see the point of discussing the same thing in 2 places.

Mike [/B]

But that doesn’t make much sense to me. Even if it is a duplicate of info across two or more forums, why move a thread to a location that already has it? Clearly Julez (LW & messiah user) thought the news was relevant to his fellow LW users and was just passing the info along. I don’t see how that is harmful to the LW forum. Further, his post was moved (or marked as Moved) before it even blossomed into an off-topic thread.

Considering that posts from other LW 3rd party developers don’t get moved, it does “appear” that we’re getting “special treatment”. That’s not meant to sound accusatory, I’m just trying to understand…


ps: judging by some of the responses, I can tell that some of you are agitated by my presence here on the LW forum. However, I’m still a LW user (Modeler :buttrock: ) and still support LW with my products and plan to continue doing this, so I feel that I do belong here. Having said that, if my presence offends a lot of members, I will discontinue posting… just to keep the peace.


I’m not bothered at all by your infrequent posts here, Lyle. I’m enjoy seeing products that support Lightwave get a mention whenever there’s something new and interesting to check out. :thumbsup:


Hey guys,

I think that things may have gotten a little blown out of proportion here, so everyone please relax! :slight_smile:

Please, don’t take this as a personal or political matter.

We’ve been trying to make an effort to keep CG Talk as efficient as possible, and this means that the moderators are going to move certain threads around to ensure that CG Talk is running as efficiently as it possibly can.
And basically this means that threads that are concerning a certain program will be moved to that programs forum, simply because that makes the most sense.

It’s not because the LightWave forum is opposed to other programs - that’s just silly! :stuck_out_tongue:
When a mod moves a thread, they are doing so because in their judgement, they are doing the sensible thing. Threads of a specific software get moved to that forum.
And believe me, it happens all the time, we just don’t always leave the redirect icon lurking around.
I (and the other mods) move threads around ALL THE TIME, you guys just don’t see it!

Please understand that since we have a Messiah forum, we like people to use it. So we move Messiah threads there. It’s a nice way for everyone to use the forum a little more expansively and efficiently, and to get people to interact in more forums.

I hope everyone understands now. And please, you guys know that we are easy to approach. If you have gripes, send us a PM - and we’ll be only to happy to sort things out. That’s what we are here for :wink:


Well I say that since Messiah is still a high tool that interactively works with Lightwave…I will continue to post Lw related messiah material. I know that a lot of LW ppl like the power of messiah character tools and renderer with LW fast and beautiful render engine. And also there are those that might to like to see when stuff pops up from other forums (yahoo group) like the SuperBlender upgrade that only works with LW objects.

I will not post anything about Messiah render engine but the animation system works seamlessly with Lightwave renderer and modeler. I’ll try not to duplicate threads.


messiah is a plug-in for LightWave. Since many users use LW as their primary app they’re not going to think to look at the messiah forum to see if out of the blue there’s a new video. It’s pertinent to discuss LightWave plug-ins here, isn’t it? messiah is no different than Sasquatch, Motion Designer, Real Flow, or any other LightWave helper (well, you know what I mean). With messiah:animate people still model and render in LightWave.

I don’t post to the LightWave forum often, because I don’t think it’s the place for most messiah discussions. But I do believe that messiah news is pertinent, such as a demo version or update or upgrade. It’s as pertinent as any other plug-in news.

Just my 2 cents (which really doesn’t buy nearly as much as it used to).

By the way, here’s the link to the new tutorial/demo video:



I happen to “like” to hear about messiah info here and won’t be going over to some special forum all the time just to see if there is some sort of “new” info that I “may” want to hear about.

And Lyle, was there ever an updated version of MacroForm 2 that works with the modern lw7.5 on XP?

thanx…md :slight_smile:


Does anyone have the latest Keyframe magazine - Issue 35 Nov/Dec 2003? It’s a very LW centric publication and has a whole article dedicated to the Messiah:Animate 4.0 “plugin”. :slight_smile:


I don’t understand why this thread is still going on.

Last night we even had a user, thinking they were being very funny, starting a thread making fun of this whole issue. Please, grow up (you know who you are).

I think I made it very clear why we do things the way we do on this forum. I’m not sure what part of “maximum forum efficiency” you guys don’t understand.

Of course if a thread is concerning LW and Messiah equally, it stays here. However, if the thread is totally concerning Messiah, it is moved to the Messiah forum. When news relating to Messiah and its relevance is posted in here, it will remain here. Because it’s of pertinent interest to LW users.

People asked for a Messiah forum, so we gave them one. Use it.