Why Credit matters:This Artist Was Offered A Full-Time Job After Credited


ópez’s work was mostly in merchandising and branding for Spanish companies, but she shares her more personal projects online, including on her Tumblr. She — like many other young artists today — fully utilizes social media and even depends on it for prospective opportunities. “Internet is the media we use to expose our work,” she told BuzzFeed News. "Almost always we expose it for free, so everyone can get to know us and see what we are capable of."However, more often than not, people will liberally share artists’ work without attribution. (Just ask any self-employed artist online about this.)“By doing this, they are making it more difficult for people interested in our work to find us, and therefore, losing chances of getting a job,” López explained.“For someone who lives [off] occasional commissions, it’s vital that every work we share has a proper credit.”
In late October, López received an email from a Spanish editorial company asking if she’d be interested testing for a position as an illustrator.https://www.buzzfeed.com/tanyachen/proper-credit?utm_term=.vhRWzNwOR#.rfa7A5GXn