Why CGTalk Forum has not been re-designed?


I really wonder, it is astonishing, I still see this forum in its old look? The digital art center, the most viewed CG forum on the net, the most trusted place on the net on CG and its associated fields, should not suffer from such old, rigid 1024 screen era design.

I really recommend CGSociety team to take this into account. How long should it take for them to understand that the design should be changed into a more appropriate style?


The site was redesigned a year or so back.


Totally agree.

The site was redesigned recently as Leigh says, but you’re right, not much on the forums has change for many many years.

We are working on it, unfortunately because the forums are as old as they are it makes the process extra complicated, basically we’d have to rebuild the forums completely while keeping the posts & threads intact, and we also don’t want to take the site offline for any period of time.

But the team are definitely taking the forums deisgn into account

If you have any thoughts on features or design’s you like, now is a great time to start brainstorming.


Thanks for your reply.

I am a web developer (beside my passion for 3d Rendering); I just said that out of my analysis of CGSociety history and the design-gap which is been widen between the main site and the forum. I really very much liked stackexchange.com type of design as it emphasizes on the scientific questions while it still keeps the general discussions alive through its meta subsections.

It is very appealing to see CGTalk redesigned to accommodate a new mindset. Now, unfortunately, there are many questions just repeated; on one side, such activities are required to keep the site up & running, that the users always ask questions and there are users who answer them, but such interactions could be handled without new questions coming up, if a powerful search engine such as stackoverflow.com be shipped with the new forum to suggest new questions.

Thanks for consideration


Jumping in to add my thoughts to the discussion: [sorry if rude to do so]

Although I’m happy with the redesign aesthetically speaking, let alone improved UI functionality in amongst other things. Still a couple of tweaks here-n-there, wouldn’t hurt I think in evaluating further which I commented on previously.

Anyways the one that sits uppermost in my mind:

  • Is for the dev’s to add an option too disable the “Portfolio” feature please, for those people not hosting via CGSociety per se.

At face value perhaps a niggling nit-pic, but I have to admit a bit annoying all the same, as to ones sense of “online artistic integrity” whether hobbyest, freelance and/or pro slanted.

To be clear, for example a visitor clicks and presto “nothing to look at”, see what I mean? - hence my irritation minor though it might seem, however worth mentioning at a guess.

Cheers :wink: