why are vertex ids shuffled using uv flatten


Hi cgers
back to learning mudbox

why are vertex ids shuffled using uv flatten,
took a cylinder deleted tops and one loop of faces at uv boundary,
sent to mudbox, uv flatten mesh sent back,
vertex ids shuffled so use as blendshape failed.

any ideas how to keep vertex ids same as original,

did it once before was ok. this time not ok.

please see attached


if your model isnt cuttet where a uv seam is it will create new verticies…
please double check…


hi oglu
still learning
thanks for your replies

I redid with a simple cyl extracted top and bot and body uv shells recombined but did
not merge borders, flatten to uv in mudbox shuffles vertex id .

repeated the above with single shell. shffles vertex ids

I know from a mudbox perspective doesn’t matter, but if you want to use the
flatten to uv as blendshape in maya, the blendshape fails as a result.

please see attached



you need to cut the tube in maya first…
the flattened one does have more verticies cause mud needs to cut it on the uv seam…

but why do you need to go to mudbox to flatten the object…?
what are you trying to do.?