Who's wanna have some fun time rigging something cool?


Hey guys, long time no see. :buttrock:

I’ve just almost finished a cool character (it’s Finn! if you know him :wink: ) now I am just too lazy and also too busy to rig it. I need someone who knows (or wants to learn) how to rig curvy/stretchy limbs.

Check out the attachment.

Don’t let the simple shape of it fool you, what I have in mind is actually challenging. :twisted:

who’s up? :deal:

P.n: If you haven’t seen ‘Adventure Time with Finn & Jake’ yet, just do yourself a favor and watch it as soon as you got some time, you’ll love it. :love:



Maybe I need to do some teasing here! here is a quick 3d sketch:

not interested?

Perhaps I am posting in a wrong site, after all! :wink: (here used to be more exciting)


u are in the right place my friend…

i would like to give it a try, i have always looked forward to do a hyper toony rigging… this character looks fun and challenge is what i seek in every rigging…
looking forward to rig it.:drool:


I wouldn’t mind. Just send me the link to the model.


There you go guys.

Finn FBX (with some blendshapes)


so what are the challenges and requirements for the rigs


I would like to give it a try as well.


You can watch this short trailer, everything is there. you’ll get the idea.



any progress?, anyone?


Please let me know if there is any problem with the Mesh, Also I can help with skinning if you find it boring or irritating. I have a skinned version in Maya format, anyone wants that?


i also want to try it. im new in rigging but i want to try.


i also want to try it…


I really don’t mind.


Hey guys,

there is a link to the mesh few posts above, feel free to download it, and examine the mesh, and let me know if it’s ok. I can provide the skinned version in .ma format too.


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