Who's Smarter?


My wife says that 3D Artists are more brainy than 2D Artists…

So I’m taking a statistic. What do you guys think?
Where are the brains in the industry? 2D and concept? or 3D design?



It doesn’t really matter, if you draw you have more appreciation for life and the things around you, when you use the computer, you gain the respect of the computer… Strangely, It does not really matter, you become intelligent both ways, just two or four different ways… You’re still using your brain…:thumbsup:

For the artist, by the artist, BRAD


I am. :smiley: J/K

I don’t think you can make a statement like that. there are very dumb 2d artists just like there are dumb 3d artists and there are also very smart of each kind although very rare. of course the last part was another joke arnt I the funny one. aho do you think are funnier 3d artists or 2d artists. all these questions are just dumb its just like asking which are taller 2d artists or 3d artists


Not a good question to ask. There is already enough niggle for 2d and 3d. Also, kind of a biased forum to ask this question. Im sure conceptart.org would give a very different answer.

Put your hand up if you think this thread should be closed: :buttrock:


I think it would be smart to close this topic before we wage war among friend and neighbors…

I do both badly and am very very dumb if it helps.