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Oh well, think is about time to enter my first challenge.

My little story goes like this: a guy (frustrated Clark Kent) walks down this street and spots this woman being attacked screaming like hell, on the background is a phone box that he rushes to get changed into his super hero costume, but the box door is jammed, he tries with all his strength to get the door open but the only thing he achieves is to drop the all phone box over him and be completely smashed up
the end!

Some sort of a storyboard will fallow soon.

Forgot to mention that I’ll be using one of the free models kindly supplied by you guys, thanks a lot that’s all I can say.

Here’s our man

still gotta do a bit of work but is pretty much there, gotta get on with the storyboard and some animation tests.



good model looks fun :slight_smile:



looks like Bernard from Maniac Mansion/Day of the Tentacle…


Whooohooo! man this will be awsome!


Cheers guys!

…and here’s the storyboard , not much to it but the story is so simple that there’s no point of wasting time making a super storyboard…

Guess now I better get on with what matters…animating…
will be back soon!


Looks like a great start, Gru, I’ll be following you. :slight_smile:

Can I ask what software you’re using?



Cheers Frinsklen,
as for software I’ll be using Max 5.1 and Character Studio 4, is my first project using CS4, so i’m still trying to figure out some bits, I specially wanna experiment with the animation mixer feature, I’ll still be animatin all by hand (no bip files or mocap), only gonna use it to overlay some secondary motion bits.


love the model, he’s got heaps of character


First walk test
where is my first animation test, a double bounce walk that will lead to the action.
comments most welcome…



Shoot that walk is so awesome your going to put my challenge to shame!


Cheers M Poly,
I have to thank Mr Richard Williams for is fantastic book that never leaves my desk…is defenitly the animators survival kit.


hey looking good,

btw, i checked out your site, what program did they use to do the liquid simulations (sure you been asked that b4 hehe).


Thanks Srich, ye you rite, we heard that question many times b4…and the answer is: Realflow and they were done by two cgtalk members, Atomiser and Enay.

Well time for a little update…

Walk test 02

the rite hand on the first bit is looking a bit strange, will look into it next time, comments welcome. cheers


uh that model was never supposed to be meshsmoothed :eek:
its midpoly and becauseof all the tri’s not smoothable
but if you keep the camera that far away, i guess no one will the the bad smoothing :smiley:


Cheers Neox and thanks for the model as well (guess its yours, right?), will follow yo advise and not use meshsmooth, will probably look better…


yeah its mine :wink:
the only problem i see is, that its not “closeupable” even with meshsmooth, because it wasn’t meant to get smoothed, maybe i find the time and make him smoothable for you, but i don’t know yet have a lot to do till E3 :confused:


Cheers dude that would be grand…but dont compromise any of your work cos of that…is just that am not a modeller at all (well you can see for my atempt to give the guy a mouth :slight_smile: ) and any changes that i may try to do will just destroy him altogether and that will be the job of the phone box…
looks cool as it is anyway.


Hey all here is a little update of the clip with soung fx , just to give a flavour of the final thingy…



haha, very funny. I love the music, great choice. Although I’m not sure we’re allowed to add sound fx.

The walkcycle looks ok, but I don’t understand what he’s doing with his right hand all the time. Snapping his fingers maybe? it’s not very clear I think. In the moment in which he stops and then starts running towards the telephone box, the different poses are too noticeable, and a bit too stiff. I also think he doesn’t seem to make a big effort when he tries to open the door.
And the audio clip should sound louder. I can hardly hear it with the music and all.

Apart from that, I think it looks nice, great idea.