Who wants to animate my character ??


Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone wants to rig and animate a character i done.
You can use it in your demo reel etc, along with credits given to me and i will do the same



I’d love to animate that character. looks like fun. unfortunately, i don’t know how to rig, but if someone else rigs it up, i’d be more than happy to take a crack at it!


I’d love to try, if it’s a maya file. I’m still new to rigging and animation but I can give it a shot, it’ll be good practice.


Yeh i want to get someone who has done fair bit of high poly character animation before


:applause: Fantastic your work, very well done model, will you make animation?:love:


Hey Kravit,

I’ve done this arrangement in the past with others.
It seems to work out well.
I’d love to have a crack at your model.

As an example, check this out:


click on the run cycle quicktimes at the bottom of the page.

Anyway let me know.


Unfortunatly I have no idea about animation.

But hey!..Great character :thumbsup:


Can you post up a character mesh? By the way, Looks Good :slight_smile:


wow brilliant design, done in max7? you really pulled off the wrinkles well btw :slight_smile: i’d also like to animate, don’ t know if i would have time though :S


I’d love to animate it if someone can rig it in 3dsMax. Unless you are willing to transfer your model to Maya then I can skin and animate it. Looks good !


im down id like to animate your character , what software did you make it in if its in maya i can rig it


Great character there, my friend! I’d love to rigg and animate the biotch but I’m a 100% Maya dude. Plus, I think I need a new PC as mine would probably have a nervous breakdown after I get done skinning her. Animating will be quite hard without some MoCap data to edit seeing that the character is very realistic and hand keying natural movements is very hard!

Check out some of my chick animations/rigg(modeled this too) for reference here:



Really nice character Kravit…she might be the girl friend of Splinter cell or Solid Snake !:smiley:

Animating will be quite hard without some MoCap data to edit seeing that the character is very realistic and hand keying natural movements is very hard!

If it was easy everybody will do it :wink:

For sure Mocap is MUCH MUCH much much… faster, but it give an animation “tasteless”, linear, whithout strong poses. Well, that’s my personnal point of view.
If you have the opportunity to animate the character on your own, will’nt be more interesting to “do” the animation, even if it’s more time consuming and harder? Using a camrecorder to study the movement, choosing the interesting motion…removing useless motion…accentuate “interesting//usefull” motion…is a good way.
BTW, your “knight girl” is really looking nice (model…texture…)!!


I certainly agree with you 100%, phenobarbidoll. I was just thinking of the easiest and quickest way to get her up and running. Motion “referencing” ala camcorder and video footage is much better(I reference motion all the time). You can still use MoCap as a “base animation”, then animate on top of it, but it requires cleaning up MoCap keys(usually keys on every frame on every joint! Yikes!) with takes forever. Thanks for compliments, too. :slight_smile:



I can put a 3DS Max (7) Biped with Physique on it if is not too dense. But I only have today off so act fast.



I am more than happy to rig and animate this clean looking character. Lets see a wireframe of her.



Thanks alot guys, I will try get few wires etc, i have been pretty busy.
I done pose test to test out all the joints, i found around ankle and hands i need to fix.
Here is shot i got from little 360 mov im rendering out, yeh blur in 3dsmax bit over done i know.
The little movie of it.
www.mikenash.webstrikesolutions.com/Over- Done_Blur_MOV.avi


Oh my gosh! I absolutely love your character! Thanks for looping your movie, I wish more people did that. I’d be happy to animate her, unfortunately I’m not a rigger. I can rig, but it’s very basic. Are you able to pull out the knife? I’m looking into working on close combat type animations.

Right now I’m 100% Maya, but I’ll learn Max or whatever it takes to animate that beauty.


:thumbsup: I loved your character, the pose, the deformation of the mesh, is everything very good, you should make some small movement in her, in the head, standing up, I see that would be better. Reduce a little the glow, he is very burst. a hug. :thumbsup: I don’t know if you understand my English!:eek:


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