Who needs displace I want Auto topology


Yeah it is definetly almost there. Hopefully Silo 2 will have a smart topology function to help draw patches. I have confidence NC will get it down with next two updates.


I don’t understand why so many people have had issues with the topology brush. For me it worked on the first try when it came out, and has worked every time I’ve used it. Granted it’s not perfect, but the cleanup is usually minimal, and most of the time all I have to do is flip the normals.

I guess whenever I get a chance I can do some tutorials on how I use the topology brush. I’ve found it to be a great addition to regular polygon tools, and I use it quite often.



I, for one, would really appreciate a Topo Brush tut. Pretty please…

Awesome avatar!


Yeah the problem i had Chad was that the Topo Brush was very very slow on my laptop and very hard to get goodlines even though it has a 9700 on board, Now though the speed increases and accuracy increases of the line allow me to get clean meshs :wink:


Just thought I’d drop in to say: no reason we can’t work on both! :wink:


adjusting proportions by using the wacom tablet is something that should be in every single modeller.

adding levels of hierarchy,to models, etc isnt something that can merely be added to an application once its reached maturity. theres a very good reason why theres displacement tools and all this other technology going into silo. and the reason is, theres a core re-write happening here. when you re-write the core, you have to make sure that you add as much possibilities to it as you can. you then write the tools which will expose the cores posibilities.

smart coding.


I understand your point, but writing a smart topology function seems to me would be more linear in the coding process. It just like an extension of it’s base functionality.


Another similar point of view.


but whats the point in expanding/re-inventing on the topo brush in version 1.4 when you’ll have a new base codeset to rely on in 2.0, which is already underway?


Only NC knows their coding environment;and if it is a total rewrite which kill any ideas of linear coding or expanding pre coded functions. If you know about their coding process or environment I defer to you on that.


There ya go all worries over :slight_smile:


i assume when Jamchild says “core rewrite” he in fact means rewriting the core. like if i say “snow cone” i in fact mean a cone filled with snow… it does not sound very ambiguous to my ears.


Snowcones arn’t filled with snow they are fill with chopped ice. :deal:


nice try :slight_smile: but technically snow cones are made from fallen snow. true conesures of snow cones will settle for nothing less! it is a damn shame that there is such a huge amount of low quality imitation chopped ice on the market these days! its like when you get a california role and it has the fake crab meat. and technically those people are selling shaved ice.


I believe it’s called, Spine modelling in 3DSmax (nurbs modelling is close to the same thing) From my experience it’s a more time consumer method. I think the reason for that is because your dealing with curved spines, and there are lots & lots of bezier handles to play with. And you have to be aware of the effect of the continous curve rather than a single point or vertiex. Plus spline modelling tools, across the board, are under-developed when compared to today’s polygon tools.


If the splines where created along the surface of another object it would not require much work compared to standard spline construction. The idea is not to create patches in a standard way but otmodify the topo brush to require less lines to generate the shape accurately. It may be a pipe dream, but it would definitly be welcome if it worked that way.


Agreed. If you visit the NC boards, this has come up repeatedly both in improvements to Topology Brush and the new Displacement tool.


I think I get the idea. How’s this: a Topogolgy brush, where you’d only outlines the extremities of the contour of a object? Eg. Eyelids, end of nose, sides of nose, etc… In essence like and advanced Fit from 3dsmax’s loft options (but way more advanced)
I have to agree, I do think y’all are asking for alot, but who knows.
What you really want is a tool like this> “generating topology procedurally over a mesh”
Click Click Click!!


That is what I meant at the beginning of the post.
Sorry the word patch threw some people. Fill in your outline is what I meant.


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