Who is your favorite artist?


Who is your favorite artist?
Explain why you like the artist that you chose.
(you may post pictures of their works)


Its so hard to choose, but the first two that popped into mind are: Andy Goldsworthy and Alberto Giacometti.

Goldsworthy’s work is so pure and fascinating. He creates them on location with nothing but things found on location. They exist in time as well as space, as he often photodocuments their desintegration as well as their mere existence. That really appeals to me as an animator.

Giacometti is mostly known for his sculptures, but I really go nuts over his drawings and paintings. They really helped me loosen up when I was doing drawing courses in school.

Some others: Dave Mackean, Dorthea Tanning, Mike Mignola, I could go on forever.


My favorite artist/illustrator is [b]Kadir Nelson[/b], I dont know what it is about his work, maybe Im inspired by his basketball paintings, but I do prefer his work over Frank Morrison.


edgar degas is a big inspiration to me.

my favorite living artist would have to be bruce timm, the brains behind ‘batman: animated series’.


Dali it would probably have to be…


I think it’s pretty dangerous to have only one favorite artist. There are so many different styles from so many different cultures and time periods, and in each category, there are more than one master with equal talent and mastery. There’s no way in hell I could name only one person.


I agree.
I think that it is important - esp. - early on - to expose oneself to as much art and “life” as possible.




need i post pictures? i think not.


I agree, its much like music, film, literature…

I love the fact that thats the way it is, as it means we’r constantly discovering new things, though the flipside is, it takes alot of time to expose yourself to everything < a reason why i think the internet is great


doy! but theres always that one that u like the most.cmon,stop bein so arty about it and just pick a fave.lol


Alphonse Mucha: His lines were cosmic, his compositions flawless, his value grouping makes me want to cry with joy.

John Singer Sargent: He took what older masters did before him, and perfected it inmho.

Claire Wendling: She’s a modern master of so many styles. If you want to learn about flow, you can study her work endlessly.

Drew Struzan: Deffinately one of THE modern masters of traditional media. His sense of form and light and that life spark is so very rarely seen these days in the entertainment industry. If you have picked up a copy of “Oeuvre” do it today, it’s well worth it.


My favorite artist is probably Yoshitaka Amano, probably best known for his Final Fantasy character designs for the earlier games… although those aren’t my favorite works of his. Some of his personal stuff is absolutely incredible; I just love how his style manages to be so loose and sketchy yet have so much detail at the same time. He’s also just a really well rounded artist; he does everything from illustration to interior design to animation to glass blowing.

Here’s a couple samples…

I have so many favorite artists it’s hard to pick just one, though… : )


Bryan Hitch. One of the best out there currently. If you do not know who he is, go read The Ultimates from Marvel.


I met Dali in 1975 at the Guggenheim Museum in NY - during the Max Ernst Retrospective
(um well… he said hello :bounce: )







Well um… I don’t have one favorite artist but there are some I admire like:

  1. Dali
  2. Mark Ryden
  3. Saul Steinberg
  4. Escher


Heinrich Kley - remarkable draftsman
Tadahiro Uesugi- genious at color
Chiura Obata - for forms and composition
Jacob Lawrence- another for color
Dr. Seuss - (self explanitory)
Norman Mclaren - relationships between sound/texture/color - time based artist/animator
Chaim Soutine- a painter that makes me happy about being human
Miroslav Lovric- a supernatural sense of rythmic forms on canvas. (and he’s my buddy :D)


William Turner! :smiley:
His paintings are just a magic of colors, and he’s the magician.


:eek: u did? whoa! man why did he have to die??!!

…u shudda asked him that lol.


If your ever in london, ensure you visit the tate britain, theres a whole sub building full of turner’s work, its quite amazing to see the work in real life

it is really hard to pinpoint A favorite artist of all time, i find nahem shoa’s giant head portraits stunning, mainly as ive seen them in a gallery, and been able to feel the paint (even though i shouldnt be touching :twisted: ) maybe we need categories