Who is going?


Hi guys ,

lets plan ahead and arrange a meet up.

I’ll be there all three days , who else is going?



I was thinking of hitting that joint. So it’s just you and me huh? I wonder if we’ll bump into each other. :smiley:

peace d=^)


I’m going. for the last 3 days, I’ll see you guys there


I will be in attendance as well; 5 days for me. I don’t plan on going to many Visual Arts track sessions though; I’ll mostly be going to the Design and Vision track sessions, and maybe some Business & Legal track too.


Lucky you guys. I wish I was closer… :slight_smile:


If I can take some days off work, then I’m there.


Heya all!

I’m going for sure. We get time off to go, plus it doesnt hurt that our office is within 10 minutes walking distance to Moscone

That said, there’s a significant rumor that we are throwing a huge bash that week here at Shaba central…news to come :wink:


i will be there tues. through saturday…

lets definately meet up.


is this an open to public conference?

would love to go as i live 30 minutes from sf.


i will be there to represent the west coast. sign me up and let’s get it on like donkey kong.


I live right across the street from the Mosconee center, so I should be able to mossey on down if anyone wants to meet up.


yes its open to public as long as you pay for your ticket :slight_smile:


I will be there Mon - Fri. i will be working so if we can decide where and when soon i can work my schedule out.



anyone wanna set a particular date and time?


Ill be there too, flying from florida and whatnot :slight_smile: Would be neat to meet up with some people :wink:


who is going for the conference and who is going just for the expo by the way?

I’ll be there for the conference also , so we can arrange a meetup at the first day and than another at the expo.


I’m going for both the conference and the expo. It’ll be nice to rub some elbows with my fellow CGtalkers.


Hey Guys,
We are going to have a booth this year at GDC, and we have extra pass’s for the Expo itself. If anyone is intersted, let me know. I think we have 10 left. I can drop them in the mail for ya!! The pass’s are only for the expo though…

Stop by our booth and say hi!!


Oh yeah, and first come first serve…


Just going to the expo i believe. But either way we’ll cya there :thumbsup:


sent you a PM about passes