Who is going to SIGGRAPH 2012?


Let us know what plans you have for SIGGRAPH 2012 in Los Angeles?


I Hope there’s some user group meetings and stuff as well :thumbsup:


Oh yes, I assure you - I’m going.


I’m happy to say that I am going again this year, and the League of SIGGRAPH parties is going to be tracking parties again this year (fb http://www.facebook.com/groups/leagueparty/ twitter @SIGGRAPHparty). I’m really excited, I have a feeling this year is going to be a great one!


My partner in crime and myself will be there again.

Plans? Maybe I’ll finally be able to say hi to Paul, saw you working hard in the exhibition floor last year.


Excited to see many of you again. :slight_smile: :applause:


firts time attending and new to the cg community, hoping to meet you all there :buttrock:


I will be there again this year. I can’t wait! :thumbsup:


Hey all! I am so excited that Siggraph is in LA again! I hope to meet some of you there :slight_smile:


Will the Stanley Cup be on display? I mean…it’d be cool is all. Siggraph is like a religious experience to me…Hope to!

Dennis Harroun


As always I’m looking forward to it.


It looks like my boss will be sending our department to siggraph once again! See you all there!


Wow, lucky you. Can I come work for you guys? :wink:


Bit of a duplicate from the Parties thread, but…

The unofficial CGSociety/CGTalk Meetup is at the Westin Bonaventura Brewery

I usually allow an LA local throw some suggestions in, but I am happy to keep the Bonaventura Brewery at the long table at the maze around the back of the hotel. Sunday 5th August 8:30pm til late.



Nice. I will try to make it if I can.


Hey there,

I’ve just opened up and posted the first entries in the CGSociety SIGGRAPH 2012 Diary

Bookmark it. This should be a bit of fun.


I am looking forward to my first year going to Siggraph!


Hey Guys, i am going as well! Would be cool to meet up. See ya all there!


SIGGRAPH Cheat Sheet Now Live


Thanks for posting that Cheat Sheet, Paul. I’m starting to plan out my week now! Looking forward to enjoying the entire conference this year and catching up with everyone. Although, I will say, it is going to be weird not volunteering…