who am I?


here is a picture I drew up real quick, and I thought it looked alot like a particular celebrity… but… my family didn’t.

so…I ask you…

who does this look like?

drawn in Crayola crayon, scanned, and colored in Photoshop.

and also… I’m just not good at this digital painting stuff…(I’m very new to it)
just got my wacom about two weeks ago, and I’m havin a helluva time gettin used to it.

does anyone have any tips for me? like some warmup exercises? or anything?

well… thanks for lookin at my stuff.


Tom Cruise? That’s who immediately sprung to mind… Apologies if that’s not what your thinking :).


well… good…
I guess I’m not the only one then.


Uh, Benjamin Bratt with a sneeze coming on? :scream:

Just kidding. I see enough of a resemblance to Tom Cruise. I really like your style – the heavy shading lines & proportions remind me of Bill Plympton’s work. As for advice, are you looking for tips on making a stronger likeness? Did you start the picture intending to draw Tom Cruise, or is that just where you ended up? I’ve had plenty of those “that’s not what I had intended but it doesn’t look too bad” drawings myself. :slight_smile:


yea i thought tom cruise as well…


actually, Ilikesoup, I was just wondering if there were any ways to get used to that wacom a little faster… it feels real unnatural so far…

and the picture was just a doodle while I was waiting for dinner and then I said…hey… that kinda sorta looks like ol’ Tom…


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