White & Nerdy


I thought I’d show you my parody of Weird Al Yankovich’s White & Nerdy music video - I’m eager to hear what you guys think of it. :slight_smile:


Thank you,



If i were to give an honest answer, it matched up to the music and the events in Weird Al’s music video fairly well but it feels more like a remake than a parody.

Also, what does one call a parody of a parody?


Harry, you did a technically good job matching up and lip synching. This is definitely more of a remake than a parody—parodies don’t follow the original so closely they follow stylistically but push the boundaries and meanings of the original in new ways. One of the best parts was the comped in lightsabre.


i think the fanny pack held this whole video together.


Double Jeo’parody’…

Um, I have to agree with the others about the remaking aspect, though I think you’re spot on with your ambition. Keep it going since you’re on the right track. Most people don’t complete any projects at all and you definitely have, so now it’s time to take your skills to the next step and let more of your own creativity dominate. Seek uniqueness!




:applause: good job!


:beer: I believe the expression is, “ROTFLMAO?” :cool:

So, yeah, with a little help from Al, “you nailed it.” :applause: It’s funny, the clips are good, and it just shows a lot of creativity.

And you are just “white 'n nerdy” enough to play the lead. :bounce:


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