White dots mayhem!?


Okey, I’m trying to meet the Natural History Lighting Challenge deadline in time but I just can’t get my head around this.

I’ve spent around two days on and off trying to pinpoint the problem.
No gi/fg in this render, physical sun/sky and loads of portal-lights, spotlights
and volumelights.

I’ve narrowed it down to the shadows coming from the glass-objects, for testing purposes
only one grey lambert used for all surfaces that are not made of glass, the glass
is mia_material set to physical and thin-walled.

Any ideas of what’s causing this?


Are you using glossy reflection and/or refraction?


No, for testing purposes only: One grey default lambert + one mia_mat for the
glass witt no gloss, so it has nothing to do with the materials themselves.


Okey so it seems like when the combined energy from all the lights in
the scene exceeds a certain level the shadows of transparent materials
goes overboard. But what if I like a higher contribution from the physical
sky, or if I want to boost my portal-light to a higher value of 1, how can I
achieve that without this freaky snowstorm effect?

Master Zap, I need your visdom here :wink:


I would start using only 1 light to try to figure out what’s causing those artifacts. Break the whole problem down in little pieces and it’ll be easier to find what causes it.

Hope this helps.



Thanx but that is exactly what I did, like five times, just to be sure :wink: And the conclusion is that there is no single source that’s causing the artifacts, it’s a combination of all the lights in the scene in conjunction with the portals. My solution was to use less but bigger portals and keep the physical sky&sun intensity at 1.




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