While doing an omlette!!


I don’t know why but while I was waiting to do the omlette and the chips were int he oven I had an erge to draw this. Weird thing is that I had forgotten that only a week before in a conversation with a mate I had metioned the tv show Dinosaurs (Not the mama). Weird thing the brain!!


It looks so friendly!

Korgath pets seemingly harmless, cute dinosaur

Ahhhhhhh, my hand! :scream:

Are you gonna develop it further?


Korgath, Sorry I’ll put it back in the cage.:smiley:

At least now when the police shots come back I’ll have a front and side profile to start the polys off with. Since you asked I will breath life into the seemingly harmless dino-dodo. Time is the only constraint. I’ve yet to do the same to my firstborn “Orc” but I’ll post as I do the deed. It’ll be my first head in polys. I’m a little nervous. What if it’s a monster!

btw do you have insurance, that hand looks a bit sore m8.:wavey:


I have finally been able to get some time to do the profile shots of this ‘creature’ and will now attempt my first proper 3d model. Don’t laugh when I post it though.

I Will try to upload screenshots as I build so you can all have a laugh!! :slight_smile:
Especially Pete if he pops his head into the 2D section.


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