Which Windows compositing software has the Biggest Future ?


Well, the thread says it all…
since Shake (for Windows) and cyborg 5d is more or less dead i wonder which of the remaining or future compositing programs will take the lead in your opinion…


Hopefully Discreet won’t screw up Combustion. I personally like it, but I have NO faith in Discreet/Autodesk.

My $.02



I’d guess combustion and DF will continue to gain share on the wintel side.

Shake’s still where the money is at though, IMHO.


DF is growing… they need to fix the interface a bit and introduce dedicated masking nodes a’la Shake, but it’s pretty good these days, especially the Paint. It’ll be competing with Combustion and AfterFX in the lower end of the market, I’m not sure what the higher end will look like on windows, to be honest…


DF !!!

Its a great combination
of AE and Combustion!!!
And its soooo fast ,except the particals :slight_smile:



is it digital fusion that you are talking about ?




Dont forget the new windows app that will fill Shakes void at high end… NUKE

I guarantee its faster then shake was on windows too…



it looks like a dog tho, shake is so niiice to work with :D.


I wont count on Nuke until I get a good chance to try it out, but from what I understand it’s very proprietary in nature. Shake is most sertainly kicking its ass. I wonder what the first released version will be like tho…


I moved from combustion 2 to shake, shake was well worth the mac purchase.


I would put my bet (or maybe a hope) on Combustion. Like Tex3D, said I dont have much faith in Discreet also so it is hard to say. Apple is playing their own game too, trying to pull dirty triks to sell more of their slow hardware so I guess I stay away from any of their products at least for now. To bad that Cyborg is dead, I think that it was the best product out on the market for wintel systems.


I choose DF over Combustion actually. Unless it’s getting real good (fast) in the next version


for pure compositing shake even on a slow mac is still faster than combustion on a fast pc.


I bet…

Is it that memory management of combustion that does it? :hmm: it seems to render every node and keep it in ram, so my gig of ram is filled only after a few frames with a midsized compositing tree :annoyed:


As far as NUKE being “proprietary”

Its still compositing…its still a layer over…still a blur… the only thing somewhat proprietary is its 3D space…but after all… how many apps have true 3D space like NUKE

NUKE is alot faster then SHAKE…so its your call to decide between prettier interface or speed

also… DDsoftware just lowered the price of NUKE4 to $5K !!


>>NUKE is alot faster then SHAKE…so its your call to decide between prettier interface or speed

I love eating my food with boxing gloves and a pickle fork :slight_smile:

>>also… DDsoftware just lowered the price of NUKE4 to $5K !!

round up $5 to 6k, not 5k :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Man all I got to say about that is …

Emergency breakthru from the operator…Samson …momma called…

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well, in the world of post-production I also see more and more people abandoning the Windows platform for Linux. I have no or little faith in Microsoft for making an decent OS. Tha battle will be faught in Linux/OSX :slight_smile:

But… to stay on topic.

After Effects is comming out with a new v6 soon. We shouldn’t forget that there are plenty of AE users out there doing gizillionz of broadcast effects. Great sets of plugins and a familiar interface (but renders too slow)

Combustion has the problem of being a product of the “New Media” division at Discreet (aka same division that makes max). And there is so secret that they have huge problems. And it’s far too unstable to be in production.

Digital Fusion is lurking in the background and are gaining more and more users every month.

Shake is dead on windows (go f**k yourselfs apple)

5DCyborg dead (will toxic be the next killer app??)

Rayz will die…

So the verdict will be… Digital Fusion.

But I for one is leaving the MS platform and hope I will never return.

best regards

stefan andersson


Hi StepfanA,

I should agree whith you about people abandoning the Windows platform for Linux…

But we have more alternatives. At Topic “Jaleo”, in this forum, chicolima give us some informations about Piranha:


and CoolBlueMan introduced us Mistika, but it runs on SGI machines…


Best regards,