Which version would I get?


I’m on verge of puchasing XSI Foundation but I’d be interested to know if I would get 4.2 out of the box or 4.0 and have to D/L the upgrade?

And are people happy with the upgrade?

Thanks in Advance.


I’ve ordered XSI FND yesterday via fax, and on the invoice it said version 4.0. So I guess I’ll get the 4.0 box and have to download the update.


Neostar, cheers for that. I thought that would be the case.
I think I’ll take the plunge and order it tomorrow.

BTW, Will it arrive before Xmas or not?


The package may arrive, and it may not. It’s hard to tell, but you’ll be able to use the app immediately.


FYI, I ordered via xsibase, the orders are being processed in Dublin.


Like JDex said, you can use the application as soon as you order, or actually you can use it now. You will want to download version 4.2, and you can do that right now, and use it as a 30 day trial version until you place your order. Once you order XSI foundation they will email you a key code to unlock the software you already installed, so that it won’t disable itself after 30 days. The main thing you get with the physical package are the extremely usefull training DVDs, and a partial manual (1 book…I assume that if you order more expensive versions than foundation you get several manuals instead of only the “intro” manual to XSI).

They will probably send you version 4.0 on CD, but most likely you will never have a reason to install the software from the CD. To upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2 you need to download the entire application from the website, so there isn’t much point in installing 4.0 prior to installing 4.2.

I like going through training documentation, so when I ordered XSI I waited until the actual package showed up, so I could use the DVDs.


Actually, the manuals are all there… in the Documentation CD, you will find all the manuals in HTML and PDF format… summing up to over 4,500 pages.



Guys, the info is much appreciated thanks.

Neostar, I’d like to know the process regarding ordering through xsibase. It is quick and easy or does it add more to the process. I’m all for supporting websites so it would be good if it’s not too complicated.

Cheers everyone for the info.


Well you can order online too if you like to support xsibase. I send my order via fax on the 12.1.2004 20:23, I got the invoice from Dublin as PDF on the 12.3.2004 11:21. I made the bank transfer on the same day, so lets see when my package arrives. Concerning the pricing, if you order by fax they just add your local tax, if you order online the tax is included but you have to pay additional shipping costs.


took my package 'bout 2 weeks to come from Dublin :slight_smile:


Did you buy XSI Foundation?


originally, yes. But it was the time that the prices came right down, so I ended up with Essentials, happily. That shouldn’t make any difference, your package should be the same size I think, you’ll just be missing the dongle.


Well folks, I’ve taken the plunge and I ordered today.

I’m curious as to the question when ordering to whether it would be for personal or commercial use. Does this mean if i’ve ticked the personal box I can’t do any freelance work with it? …when I finally get round to it anyways. Just looking forward to getting my DVD’s for Xmas.

Can anyone tell me what i’d have to do if I later decide to upgrade to essentials and how much that would be?


The personal/commercial checkbox should only be info collection… it will not change the license type from a commercial license.


JDex is right, only the educational versions are restricted for personal use.


you’ll just be missing the dongle.

Hmmmm…Sorry to go off topic. But, what the hell is a dongle? I’ve heard people use that word a million times here in the Softimage forums, but never really known what it was. :confused:


In this case it’s a small usb device about the size of a memory stick. It somehow connects the license file from xsi to the license manager allowing xsi to run.


What I’m wondering is why there’s no dongle for Foundation?


Because they just use a software lock so that it is cheaper… Adding dongles to FND would cost SI a ton of support money, since then you have additional hardware & software conflict potential.


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