Which version of arnold do I have the right to use now?



My 3dsmax (perpetual) maintenance plan expired on oct,10th 2019, which version do I have the right to use?
Can I use the latest one released after that point (ex: v4.0)? Or which one?

Thank you.


Whichever they still give you access to


Thanks for the input.
How do we know?
I think arnold max to A is available for anybody to download, but they verify on install… Today I was able to get 4.0 from the site, but I’m afraid to install it and that it blocks something, because I remember that it looks for a valid license at install, isn’t it?


It doesnt look for a license at install. It just looks for a installed Max version, be it licensed or not
Arnold still would install on a trial version of course


Thank you for the info.
But how can I be sure if I have the right to use, the latest version for instance?
I don’t want to be using it illegally.
My guess is that I have the right for whatever version of arnold was released before 3dsmax expiration.
What do you think?