Which tablet?


I am looking for a tablet, which suits my needs.

Generally painting in Photoshop…

What tablet is better price/quality?

I have not a lot of skills in painting, so I don’t need some expensive pro tablet.

I am thinking about Wacom Graphire, but I have heard something about Genius tablets and so on.
What are your personal experiences?



in my experience I’ve always worked with wacom tablets, saphire or intous 2, actually intous 2 is the one I use by now, genius are cheaper but they don’t have the presition and tools that a wacom has,
wacom will always be the choice, as far as I know , all proffesional matte painters use one of this.


I will most likely buy the Graphire one as I know people using it.
Thanks for the info.


I use a graphire 4, they are very good. However at time of purchase, which was 6 months back, the intuos 2 was similar in price (the model was out of stock so went with the graphire and i was on the move so couldn’t wait). I’d suspect the latter to be technically better as the graphire is very basic. Still, the graphire handles my needs with ease ^^. I just paint



If you’re buying the Graphire then please get the XL version. I had a grphire before and it didn’t take long to buy myself an intuos2 A4. You won’t regret getting a reasonable sized tablet. For me it was A4 that suited me best. Definitly not get the A6. You’ll regret it.

Now i even have an Intuos3 A4 at work. Though i don’t like the side buttons and slidebars on the tablet, the pen is killer!!! Best pen they have, i reckon, is the one with the Intuos 3.

To bad u can’t use these pens with older version tablet :(.

Hope it helps.



Just bought a Intuos 3 6x11 Wide Screen, its really nice. Feels much better then the Intuos 2 I use at work.


Thanks, I’m going to purchase Graphire4 A5
Looks like the best choice for me. And it’s not expensive.


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