Which Software should I use for this?


Hi there,

i´m used to create my renderings with Keyshot but now a customer wants some Animations like this:

I´m affraid that this kind of detail (steam, water, the suspensen expanding) is not possible here.

The customer sent me .stp files and i´m not quiet shure which programm suits best for this case.
First I thought about using blender but i´m, not quiet shure if there isn´t a better option.

Could you give me some tips here?



Hi tecVince!

the fluids in this example are not simulated by extra software like realflow or PFD.
They are clearly animatied by hand. Just simple Polyobjects with some deforms and booleans.
Nothing special.

You could use any major 3D-Software to do animations like this. I prefer 3dsmax or C4D.
I think blender could handle this as well.