Which Site is best for learning ZBRUSH (Pluralsight / Gnomon Workshop)


I am new to Zbrush and need advice which site is best for learning Zbrush online from novice to expert.


If you are just starting out save your money and check out the zbrush classroom free on the pixologic site. Once you get more advance gnomon workshop, zbrush workshops, cgma, there are lots of paid resources that are good but the small starter vids on the pixo site will get you comfortable first


Check out Michael Pavlovich’s Youtube site. He has tons of free videos available: https://www.youtube.com/user/Pavlovich2005, and if you feel like spending a little money, visit his Gumroad page.

Also, check out Zbrush Live: http://pixologic.com/zbrushlive/


I think the previous replies are spot on - take advantage of the free stuff first, but that aside, I had, by far and away the biggest leap in my relationship with Zbrush in taking Ryan Kingslien’s Zbrush certification course at zbrushworkshops.com, or at Uartsy.com