Which Perspective Drawing Book is the Best?


Which perspective drawing book is the best that is used commonly for post secondary or workplace?


Andrew Loomis’s “Successful Drawing” has been a classic in teaching perspective drawing for decades, and it still holds up today quite well.

Scott Robertson’s book is one of the best modern books on perspective drawing.

There are now more and more books on the subject and it’s hard to keep up with them all, but I would assume the highest rated ones with lots of customer reviews on amazon will be quite good (just search for “perspective drawing”).




Can see the Andrew Loomis books recommendations in the sticky threads. Where a lot of people start their art self-education, with the most basic book from him called Fun with a Pencil. But I learn drawing from a book name ‘The Fundamentals of Drawing’ that I have got from online art supply stores. The book have 2 version. You can also try that book.