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The last time I used C4D, it was version 10 with Bodypaint. I want to come back to C4D but have no idea which version would be a good fit.

What I want to do -

  1. build stylized models (characters, vehicles, and props), for comics.

  2. create dynamic poses.

  3. render in a 2d/toon style.

I’ve been using Animation Master; so if C4D offers spline modeling then that would be awesome, and carrara pro for rendering. Its a beast importing spline based models then having flip and adjust normals, etc.

Does C4D prime come with bodypaint, and will I have to get a special plug-in to add bones? I remember there being a sketch and toon plug-in sold separately so no problem there.

Thanks for your help, and I apologize if this question is too vague.

p.s. will also submit this question via Maxon’s contact form

thanks again!


Prime comes with the BP features, and has a robust joint based system for animation. Sketch and toon however is no longer sold as a separate module as Maxon removed the modular system. Unfortunately Sketch and toon requires the more expensive bundles either viz or Studio.


there are no modules anymore (sketch and toon). c4d Visualize might be the
package of your choice now. it contains sketch and toon and character tools (not
sure if all). on the maxon page is a comparison chart. wikipedia (eng) has a good
overview over the features development.

for the version question. imho you could keep going with r10, the character tools
will be enough for posing, in terms of ST changed nothing from r10 to r14 and in
the modelling department almost nothing (some deformers and workflow features
like snapping and double precision).

r12 was a strong release IMHO. dynamics, linear workflow and python.


If you are in North America, and trying to decide between Prime and Bodypaint, do NOT buy Prime.
Never buy prime.
Prime is the same as Bodypaint except Bodypaint includes sculpting.
So if you buy Prime you pay the same amount, except it is feature limited when compared to bodypaint.
Again DON’T buy Prime.


You guys are awesome!

Thank you very much for taking the time and for the insight.


Between the upcoming C4D Lite and Bodypaint, Prime should disappear altogether… It’s useless in my opinion.

Not having S&T in broadcast is also a bummer… Meanwhile cloners would be very useful in Visualize (even without the effectors). So they should really merge the two.

At the moment, only Bodypaint and Studio make sense, but the latter is the most expensive one…


Lite will be only available with the new after effects version. I’m not aware of any other option.


Does bodypaint offer modeling and bones, etc? If so, I may just go that route.

Thanks again, guys!


Yes but tens of thousands of people will indeed have C4D Lite bundled with adobe and the rest is better off with bodypaint and a few plugins/renderers for extra bells and whistles.

Since sculpting has been introduced, it never really made sense to get Prime for same price but without this feature… unless misinformed. And then the risk is to get pissed customers when somebody actually tells them.

Also Adobe is offering After Effects at 20euros (+VAT) per month. If that includes C4D Lite from now on, who in their right mind would pay over 800 euros for Prime only?

We’ll see how Maxon will adjust it’s product structure, but I certainly see the future lineup of Lite<Prime<Bodypaint<Broadcast<Visualize<Studio as unnecesarily complicated.

The whole paradigm shift of suppressing modules was meant to simplify everything, and now there are 6 versions… a few of which are artificially limited.

Thankfully I have studio…

@Rek : Yes, bodypaint has everything Prime has (including bones) + sculpting. What it lacks in character animation are the advanced constraints, rig templates, visual selectors etc…


Yes it is prime but with additional features. It is missing specialized character tools like the auto rigger, but it has joints, skin, weights, constraints, IK all the core needed to animate characters just fine.


Wow! I am so glad you folks are here. Was totally lost with what 4 or 5 different versions of C4D.

Will go with Bodypaint HOPEFULLY I can get a “good” upgrade price … otherwise, I will go full circle; see - littledevil’s post - and buckle down with v10 with bodypaint.

I humbly thank all of you for your time and patience.

  • Update -

Downloading Bodypaint version14.

Thanks for the help.

Any recommendations in terms of tutorials for spline and or box modeling?

Good to be back. Gonna miss Animation Master though…


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