which lcd is good for 3d work ?



there is a real good thread about the pros and cons of lcds and crts: http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?threadid=82434

but i´d like to start a threat about WHICH lcd monitor to choose for serious 3d work.

there are some different panel types

tn + film (fast and cheap)
mva (good color and brightness)
pva (mva by samsung, supposed to be the next step)
s ips (between tn+film and mva)


what lcd monitor can i buy for 3d use ?
fist hand experience ?


I have a samsung 191t+. it has outstanding contrast and is pretty bright. there is only slight ghosting but it’s been great for 3d.

i also hear that the formacs are pretty incredible.

The eizo’s are supposed to be the absolute best, but they are extremely expensive. you can bet i’ll have one on my desk eventually though.

this one sells for around 3000.00

and this one for 1700.00



Originally posted by bmwolf
this one sells for around 3000.00

Aiiichiwowa! Who’ve I gotta kill to get that!?


i am thinking about getting a lcd

important: slim (dual use)

for professional use :

get mva panels
best image quality (not to good in games and video though)

samsung is manufacturing improved mva panels called pva

17" : samsung 173t mm
eizo (both)

18" : samsung 181t

19" : vievsonic VP191b
samsung 191T
and lots of others


Samsung 191T+.

Avoid the VG191B viewsonic if you want a thin LCD…the VP’s are thin, the VG’s aren’t.

Supposedly some manufacturer is working on a bezelless LCD. (just a strip around the outside of the display)


I was thinking of getting dual these in my new setup. Good or bad ? Does anybody have a Samsung 172x?


good link

it s a german site about lcd monitors
so if you really want to know about a specific model
or search for models with specific features

feature comparison (different models)


I stand by my 213. :slight_smile:



so does anyone have my monitor ?


What do you guys think of the Dell 2001FP?


I’ve heard really good things about it and it isnt too expensive.


i think i read some good things about that dell monitor

another question

i am thinking about buying a 17"
its got the same resolution as 18" or 19"

what do you think ?
its like a 19" crt so i think it´s gonna be fine


Originally posted by Sieb
[B]I stand by my 213. :slight_smile:

http://www.omnius.ws/images/Picture_034.jpg [/B]

Amen to that. I second the 213 T :bowdown:


I have heard mixed reviews on the 172x. it’s supposed to have a 12ms response but some say it ghosts more than a 25ms lcd. it is supposed to have very good colors though. if you are interested in a 17" check out the 173p. it has got great reviews. just do a search for both of those monitors on google. i have not seen either in person. but for the money why not just get the 191t+. it was the same price when i was looking. granted it has the same resolution, but you can sit further away form the monitor.

i still say get a 19" lcd. for the price it is a better deal.


thanks matey



Samsung 191t+. I’ve had mine for a week now and love it.

CRT is dead!!



Just got a Viewsonic VP171b.
Stats on this looked the best for it’s price.
Very bright (had to tone down the brightness - most people that reviewed this monitor said the same thing so I was prepared).
Quality is sharp. I thought these monitors didn’t come with digital cables but the one I got did! Lucky for me I have a PNY Quadro 750XGL that has a digital out. Hooked it up and looked great. No dead pixels that I can see (this is depends more on luck, not the model of LCD). Was slightly dissappointed at video playback (I could tell right away that it was not as good as my Sony CRT). Other than that, it is great.
Co-worker has the Viewsonic VG900b. Video playback looks better than my VP171b (very clean).
I don’t really notice any ghosting.

Note: to get the best quality out of these LCDs, you need to set the resolution to it’s native(highest) resolution. If you do a look up on the internet, it will tell you what that resolution is. My VP171b reminds me of this if I have it on another resolution (message pops up).
I like to work with only 1024X768 but I’m forced to use 1280X1024. I guess I have to get use to it.

Overall I’m glad I got it and have no regrets even though I wish it was as good as my CRT. Every pros about the LCD is right on the mark (saves tons of space, low radiation, low heat, low energy, easy on eyes). If you are picky about super high quality, stick with the CRT but if you don’t mind a slight drop, get a LCD. Don’t know how well 3D work will look on it. I haven’t tried it yet. It’ll post once I do.

PS. I got mine at www.pagecomputers.com
They are a few bucks more than the cheapest place but their shipping was much cheaper so I actually paid the least from them. Also, I ordered it on Monday and got my monitor the next day on Tuesday! I even ordered regular UPS ground!! They have some good deals on other stuff too. Other than newegg.com this is the best!


Hey im thinking about getting this monitor:


NEC 1760NX.

any good?

what kind of panel does it have?


I’m working in the orginization that has very well established and efficiant work relations with IBM.
I’m getting two 20" LCD’s for every one of my 5 workstations, which are all for 3D.

Does anyone have any insight about IBM LCD’s?

getting the monitors from a diffrent company is possible, but will take alot more time (beauracracy), will cost more, and will probably not have as good costumer support as i’ve gotten used to get from IBM.
On the other hand, IBM’s monitors might not be so good, though i’ve seen the model and it seemed great to me…
these are the model specs


I can whole heartly recommend the Benq LCD monitors, specifically the Benq fp951. I have heard nothing but great reviews and comments on them, and they are cheaper then the “brand name” monitors.

I myself have the Benq fp951 for about two weeks now, and it’s an amazing monitor…and I got a really good deal on it. Also, make sure to get a monitor with DVI and DVI cable, it’s worth the extra bit of cash.

Just thought I would throw that out there…just look at the comments on new egg about it…there all good! That is a rarity in itself. If your looking for a quality lcd, at least consider it, there great monitors and you won’t be disappionted.