Which is the best way: Fantasy knife modelling.


Hi There!

What do you think, which is the best way/modelling technique to do this in 3D:

Please explain step by step.
Or, ne useful tutorial?


Thx for the comments :thumbsdow


box modelling.
It’s kinda obvious, why would you need a tutorial for this? I’m not sure there are tutorials for knives.
Just grab the manual of you’re software (btw: which are you using?). This can be made with simple tools and techniques.
Set the ref pic as a backdrop.
Start of with a box, match the vertexes and edges with the ref pic.
Cut away to add more geomitry and keep tweaking. In the End smooth the model, give it some materials and render away.


Originally posted by DEx-
Thx for the comments :thumbsdow

what a !@#$% his next question will be… " How do i open the manual?" it is obvious he has never done this.


Dex came here for a reason, knowing that this site has alot of ppl, and alot of knowledge, sure he may be a newb, but YOU WERE TOO, thats wat ppl have to remember, instead of going ‘hahaha hes gonna ask how to open the manual’ you could say somthing constructive like ‘Hey dex, i think this model is a little bit out of your league atm, maybe try somthing simpler’

its not that hard wen u actually try to be helpfull
the main reason i love this site is that 99.99 of the ppl are willing to help, and wont laugh at you for asking a question

i dont know who said it but ‘What may be obvious to you may be totally oblivious to the next guy’

simple no ?


Thx say-g!


Originally posted by say-g
… instead of going ‘hahaha hes gonna ask how to open the manual’ you could say somthing constructive like ‘Hey dex, i think this model is a little bit out of your league atm, maybe try somthing simpler’…

actually the reason i made those comments had more to do with his second post thanking everyone for no response. fact is if you cant figure out how to do this then maybe he should try reading the manual to learn how to do simple objects. fact is this is not a complicated task for anyone familiar with the basic tools in any app. my guess is that he has no manual, and is probably just a warezmonkey who wants everything handed to him.:wip: :wip:


Using Rhino, I’d outline the base shape, then use booleans to get the bevels and sharpedge.


whatever 3d app you use, try lofting (skinning) the shape from an ai file, or use the bezier tools in your app to draw the outer edge and then the top face shape (duplicate for the bottom edge), alternatively use the bevel/extrude tool in whatever app you’re using.

everyone has to start out somewhere, and it’s good to try to push yourself, and i don’t think this is too complex a thing for anyone to do (the first time my 13 year old neice played around with my kit she wanted to make an alien head… so i didn’t laugh at her or go… hey that’s a little bit advanced for you don’t even bother… here, try modelling a cube instead. and i just sat there around, gave her a quick tour of the package and let her get on with it, she asked questions as and when she needed to. and she did it. sure it wasn’t the greatest alien ever invented, but it was a whole load better than my first ever experiments with 3d back with Real3D on an Amiga 500, but she hasn’t been put off by people’s negativity telling her what her limits are before she’s even got there)


i think you should try to read the manual before posting… this is a very simple thing to make, and that is why it annoyed me. he never tried. he wanted a step by step tutorial for his exact project, that doesn’t always happen in the real world. i am all for encouraging people to do their best, but this is just ridiculious. what manual doesn’t explain these fundemental processes? the one that you don’t own…:thumbsdow

i am not in the habit of supporting warez, and this stinks like it.


Considering that Max is one of the most pirated applications around, point taken :smiley:

If it were a different app, like Cinema, I’d be more inclined to disagree with you…



eh…i think your question wasn’t too bad…you just didn’t know…but not everything has a tut…it’s better to just learn the tools…then look at every day objects and try to figure out what is the best method to replicate that object in 3d. I also understand about you wanting to do that knife, i know what it’s like to have goals that are supposedly a lot more advanced than what you are capable of.

However, you should be patient when it comes to forums. Your impatience is what sparked this whole argument…you must understand that your thread isn’t the only post here…there are plenty more in the modeling forum, and a hell of a lot more in the other forums. There’s quite a few members here…what…10,000 some members?? i may be off…but be patient…with the members in thousands, some one will take the time to reply.



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