Which is the best modeling tool?


I thought Maya and LightWave modeling was the best.
But there are a lot of modeling tools these days like Wings3D, Modo, Silo and Blender.
I am confused.
Compared to Maya modeling, are they really good?
If so, which is the better one?

I know I should try first.
But I have no time to try everything.
If you give me some advice, that would be very helpful.

Currently I am a user of Maya, Softimage and ZBrush.


All I can say is that Maya modeling rocks (better than 3dmax to me who use both). Wings3d, free mirai/nendo style modeler (quite particular at first try, but that is the best workflow for a lot of modeler, like… Bay Raitt). Silo seams to be based on a kind of enhanced Maya modeler… so should rock !

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Wings 3D has a very intuitive workflow, when I model in it, I feel like I’m playing. You can do really advanced polygonal editing in Wings - with ease. I use Zbrush for high-detailed stuff… and as Nicool said, Maya for modelling rocks. If you have to model rocks, then no other software is better than Maya!
Good luck!


I hear people saying modeling in Maya is not good.
So, I just wanted to know what other people think.
Ok Maya is good.
But I will try either silo or Wings3D anyway.

Thank you for your advice.


All major packages have their pluses and minuses. I’m using Max 3.1 right now, and I’m making stuff that looks as good as it would be in Max 6 or Maya. Max is easier to jump into than Maya, but Maya has quicker accessibility to high end stuff like fluid dynamics, hair, and that junk.

Pick one and start doing tutorials.


you know what? i don’t think there is a “best” tool. i’ve used lots of software and found good and bad points about each. yes, maya is powerful. it also helps if you can invest in a $5000 computer on which to run it. wings isn’t as powerful, but it probably runs great on almost any pentium. so, there really isn’t an answer. it’s like saying “what’s the best car?” well, i’d love to drive an aston-martin, but it’s not in my budget.


In my opinion a great artist can make a great piece of art even if the tools he uses are “OK” at best.

I was raised in Max, so thats my vote.

I can’t wait to start playing with Wings this weekend though.


yeh i spent $700 on my comp and it runs maya fine. i’d say 5k is quite a large overestimate. but your point is correct…maya can kill your comp. haha.


This question is asked i’m sure every second day. There is no definite answer. There can be no definite answer. For one, how many different ways are there to model something? How many different tools are there to accomplish a certain task, in any package? If someone understands the concepts of modelling in 3 dimensions, then any package will give great results.

Not to mention the fact that all the packages have custom ui capabilities, so the software can cater to your own particular style. Which is the best modelling tool? They all are. Try as many as you can, and use whatever makes you smile.


Personaly, I like Zbrush to model characters(before I used Abrush, all my characters looked like balloon animals) and I like to use Maya to do things like buildings and cars (though sometimes I use both for cars). But like was said earlier, there is no definite best one. To quote Bruce Lee “If it works for you, use it. If it doesn’t work for you, don’t use it”.


I give Max my vote. I didn’t touch it for years and opened up Max6 a couple of month ago and with the editable poly it has become a really great tool. For whatever reason Max suites my workflow. Maya isn’t bad either, but I work a lot faster in Max.

Silo and Wings are really nice too. Silo was more natural for me at first, but after spending some time with Wings i’m not sure anymore. Both are really really nice.


I say max , maya is good 2 ,but it’s a bit complicated for me . I tryed it 3 times and know only the basic for it . I do all my projects with max . But thats not a easy question to answere , cause it will depend on you how good you can get along with the software and how good you will master it


3d max is the best tool for modeling so i voste for 3d max


i like maya for nurbs and subD, but max has better poly modeling tools over all, unless you get some of the free scripts out there like mjpolytools and bonus tools etc… zbrush is kick ass for adding detail to already created models but doesn’t give you a lot of control over topology. which is why i use pre-existing models in zbrush myself. i haven’t used xsi but it looks like it has good poly/subD tools as well… i’d put maya in the lead for over all with it’s nurbs, followed by max for its splines… but when it comes to just poly modeling i’d say either silo or max. but i haven’t used mirai much (only the short demo they sent several years ago). and i also haven’t used xsi much (only the xsi|exp for about a month)… i’d also say i’d go with max for anything architectural… and silo for anything organic


I was so impressed by Zbrush and I regret I hadn’t pay attention for it.

Now I am grad I hear many people’s opinion.
Every tool have good and bad feature.


does this mean you have zbrush 2 and didnt pay for it? this is not something we want to hear on this forum, and is a ban-able offense.


I think that what he is trying to say is that he didn’t payu much attention to it at first and he regretted that it took him a while before he got zbrush and paid for it. Than again ambient, it’s a bit naiv to state that you don’t want to hear such things, 70 % of what is shown here on the forums are all with illegal software produced, even things that land in the gallery…

About the best programm,; the answer is quit simple… the ARTIST. it doesn’'t realy matter which one you use it’s HOW you use it and that depends on the artist.



I did pay money for Zbrush.

Although I had heard people saying Zbrush was good in some forums, I didn’t even try to know what Zbrush was.
Now I have Zbrush and I am so impressed.
I regret my ignorance.
Because I am having hard time to catch up with those skilled Zbrush user.

Sorry for confusion.


ok cool. thanks for the clarification.:slight_smile: by the way, make sure to check out the practical guide. itll help a lot.

Than again ambient, it’s a bit naiv to state that you don’t want to hear such things, 70 % of what is shown here on the forums are all with illegal software produced, even things that land in the gallery…

read the forum rules lately ? its not that i dont want to hear such things. its that the forum guidelines are clear about the matter.


read the forum rules lately ? its not that i dont want to hear such things. its that the forum guidelines are clear about the matter.[/QUOTE]
YOU represent the forum guidelines, so offcourse you don’t want to hear it or at least should pretend so. Then again, the forum guidelines are quite funny when it comes to things like this… knowing stuff, but pretending them not to be