Which is better?


I am curious, but, is Lightwave or 3DS Max better?
I have been reviewing each one and found that Lightwave was talked about most in my college.

However, what I want to do is animation.
I am wondering what the best tool for animation is.


What kind of animation?
Targeted for job market or just for one-man show movie? (big difference, some apps are better suited for studio some for single user).
Lot od time pressure?
Time to really deeply learn?
The whole comparison subject is absolutely futile if you do not define what precisely what your goals are.
Both are good programs (as are XSI,Maya, Cinema 4d ).

I personally know a little Max (not up-to date, but it is a very powerful app), no LW but what I learned from the great Dan Ablan books (so cant comment), a bit Maya (very deep CA possible, not really for the fast & furious) but mostly work with Cinema 4D (character animation possible but not exactly its strength, fast results).
Also there is Messiah:Studio for Character work (very powerful)–
Motionbuilder as addition for motion processing—
–and a lot more–


If you’re a student, get XSI Advanced for $295 or something, or buy XSI Foundation + 5 Tutorial DVDs for $495, but I guess you already know this.


true, might be wisest as XSI manpower demand is certainly on the rise and its a terrific app at an unbeatable price.


Try the demos for all the packages and pick the one that works for you. They’re all very capable and can turn out equivalent work in the right hands.


I’m with Matt…download the demos and find out for yourself. They’re all great…find one you like:)


IMHO this is the best one. http://www.cgtalk.com/showthread.php?t=19315




Where are you going to college? Is the a LW evangelist or something standing on a corner reading from the manual in a loud booming voice? Regardless of which app you choose more people seem to know Max (from gaming mods) a lot more than Lightwave, just curious to know if this isn’t the case anymore.

And welcome to the exciting world of CGtalk.


Lightwave is my main app I use for my work but I have played (different to really using properly I admit) with a number of apps. Out of all of them, only two stand out for me and LW is one of them (I may be biased as I know it best). Lightwave 8 also has lots of learning materials now (more than ever before) and Newtek don’t charge for .x release updates either. When they do charge for a full number release the upgrade is quite reasonable when compared to the competition. There are a number of people who use an up and coming package complaining a lot about the upgrade price for their software somehere here on CGTalk.

In summary I would say that LW8 is a good all round tool, and will do more than the cheaper versions of at least 3 other popular apps I know of (i don’t mean better, but in some cases yes and other cases no). Plus you can render on as many machines you want. So in your college, you could get all the computers in your IT department rendering your project (especially if it’s a large project which could take ages to render), which you can’t do with the other apps unless you are willing to shell out a fair bit of money.

Lightwave has a proven portfolio in film and especially TV too.


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