which graphics card for 3d max


Hi, I was just wondering what the best graphics card is, for using 3d max? I am currently looking at the quadro fx 1100 or the quadro fx 3000. What are the major differences between these, and is quadro the way to go for 3d max work?


Both are very good!! If you can afford the 3000 go for it!!! I also use 3D Studio MAX and I am pretty happy with nvidia!!


I would look at benchmarks, and see how much of a difference there is between the 2. If the difference isn’t huge, I would go for the lesser card and save the cash. How important is viewport performance to you, does it warrant a huge expendature of money?


hehe, I haven’t tried one but I’d love to say Realizm800 :smiley: the thing just looks intimidating


i use max 5.1 everyday here at work on a quadro fx 1000 and it’s smoking. so i can only imagine that the 3000 would be even better. I saw a huge performance upgrade using the discreet max certified driver as well, so no matter which card you choose, make sure to get it.


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