Which artists have you copied the work of?


I guess most of us have tried imitating works of others-- it’s one of the ways we learn. I started off trying to imitate Herge and Goscinny. Then I went through a Michelangelo phase (in which I noticed that he often made his heads too small for his highly musculated bodies) At the moment, I’m trying to figure out how Craig Mullins does his lovely shiny floors and how Enayla does her skin tones and how Stahlberg does his wonderfully curved faces and how Lunatique does his atmospheres…i.e ‘Memories of Hangzhou’. I love that one. I also love John Wallin’s ‘Cathedral 3’ and its atmosphere etc.
How about the rest of you? What do you try to emulate in others’ works?


i am mad about travis charest, craig mullins and nivbed. i can’t say i copy them much but there’s definitly an imprint in my work.


Personally, I’m still trying to develop my own style, but I’ve found Linda Bergkvist to be a huge inspiration to me as I have seen she is for a great deal of people. I have also been working on a couple of my favourite Monet paintings, but they will probably never be viewed by anyone but me since I’m too embarassed by the quality of them and Monet would be rolling in his grave if he ever saw them. lol

As far as the techniques you have been trying to master, Linda has a few GREAT tutorials on things like eyes and skin tones on her Furiae website so I would highly recommend checking it out. :thumbsup:

Also, the websites for the others that you mentioned are just as fantastic and can give you some insight as to their styles. The main thing I try to do is sit and just observe their works. I don’t try to copy their works at all, but I do try to pick up on elements of their style. They contribute a lot to the communities that they are part of so you can always catch lots of wonderful insight into their genius in the many posts they offer here.

I can’t wait until I reach that day when I can say I have a style all my own. Until then, I am more than content to observe the works of those I admire greatly and set them as my standards. I just keep pushing myself as hard as I can to reach the quality of art I would like to be at.

I’m not a big fan of imitating someone else’s work. An artist puts so much of their own personal emotion and experiences into their work, I don’t think anyone could ever claim to know what drives another artist when they are working on a painting. It just wouldn’t be as satisfying as a concept that was my own idea. For now, I use the work of others to inspire my own ideas and to observe their technique.
(wow…think I rambled a bit much there…sorry :P)


not a damn soul, but I did let myself get influenced on a conscious level. And I’ve indulged in “fan-art”. Giger Aliens!!!


Definitely Linda Bergkvist. I’m not actually copying more of just studying her art obsessively, trying to figure out how she does things and trying to be really good at digital painting (and most of the time failing at that). I just love how all of her faces are so beautiful and perfect, blended smoothly and show emotion every time, even if it isn’t all that obvious. I love how she paints her skintones, because even is the shadows and highlights aren’t picked out from the background, they still somehow match. Her background fascinate me. It blows me away when she puts a ton of detail into her backgrounds, such as the leaves and barks of the trees, and the textures of her rocks. Her poses are simple but beautiful, her hair painting skill are very admirable. I just can’t help but dream about being as good as her some day. She’s such an inspiration to me, as well as to so many other people.

So, yeah, I don’t try to copy her, I just try to be like her, in a certain sense. Be as good as her at painting, but a style of my own.


I’m fan of a french comic writer, he’s my master … Marcel Gotlib… :love:, i’m studying a lot from his drawing, character expression and story :buttrock:


i am still mixing :thumbsup:

when i find the right recipe for myself, i´ll tell you :slight_smile:

but it certainly has to have some Linda Bergvist in it :applause:

greetz kam


Copying is a very good training. I copied:
Samwise didier, Holly Ramsdell, Armel Nicolas, Metzen, Sheil, and naturly Linda Bergkvist.


Pencils =/= Graphites - Travis Charest, Adi Granov, Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, Greg Horn, Billy Tucci. Those are my favorite pencilers.

I start everything with a pencil. :smiley: Well… almost everything.


At the risk of sounding very pretentious, i would have to say nature. Still the best artist there is out there in my opinion.

Well, that or Dale Williams. The breadth and depth of his work was truely astonishing. :scream:



noone, not ever!

why would any artist copy another artist? if its allready been done in a great way, I cant see how you can justify to your self to waste time doing it and I cant see what your motivation would be. perhaps you want to be like someone else, perhaps you are a fan… in my mind its selfdefeating, a detour from honesty and selfconfrontation. an artist is by nature focused or just cant help expressing his or her own in his or her own way. the way he or she sees the world, hidden and solid. if your art doesnt read YOU all over, which means that its unique, you are not to consider yourself an artist yet in my mind. you might be a craftsman and a very skilled worker. like I would not call the people painting flowers or birds for books artists. they are intimidatingly talented craftsmen, but dont convey themselves and their view in their works, they replicate. artists are usually (I guess I know too many) totally obsessed with whats going on inside them selves and around them, but all seen through their own sensory equipment. its often a way to survive the madness to produce art, an unstoppable need to visualize, write, sing or play the inner struggles and chaos and joys, a way to understand oneself hence the universe. I guess different artist have different reasons and I am sure lots are also very harmonic beings, but I dont honestly think any serious artist would ever want to adopt someone elses. he or she has too much to say on his own for that.

cheers to diversity!


I don’t think copying is a feebleness of our artistic mind… copying is not copying for feeling better and think we can do it… but for studying styles in depth, well that’s why i draw characters from other artists personally.

You can compare this to life drawing… you copy to get the correct line later…

Learning to get a technique and then applying it for your own work, ideas… not copying the same things all the time and tell ur friend it’s your own work :slight_smile:

I take it as tutorials training… did you ever made a head or whatever from a tutorial ? It doesn’t mean you’re not an artist


I’ve been copying a dear friend of mine, been studying his pictures very intensly for the past year and ½.

here’s some of his work online… Daniel Rosenberg http://rosenberg.perfectcontrast.com


I copied lifesize Rodin sculptures in Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen with charcoal in my younger days. It took months. That was mostly to learn to draw what I saw though. Sort of drawing from life with a model that doesn’t move - very comfortable !

Kasper’s point of view is very much mine. I would not waste weeks trying to copy someone elses work. I’d prefer working weeks on something of my own.


I don’t really copy, I get influenced by the piece…I learned to look at an artist’s work try to understand the composition style, then use what I need from it…I guess that has already been stated by picasso(my favorite thief).


i seem to be going through a BROM phase that has lasted a couple of years now


I’ve copied Sargent primarily, but also Bouguereau, Charles Bargue, Vanderpoel, Bridgman. It is immensly helpful to do so becuase it has helped me acquire taste as well as problem solving skills when doing my own work.


Copy ?? . Even if you have a great idee, someware in the world, somewone has done a look alike
or done an original before without you possebly knowing it. But the trick is to give it your personal touch, look an feeling. Thats wat makes something exeptional.
Thats the way I think.


I think that there is a great difference between being influenced by other artists work and copying it consciously. Being influenced can be understood as a healthy sign, it tells the world around you that you respond, reflect and investigate the exterior world, at a conscious and subconscious level. Its almost impossible not to be influenced by the time we live in unless you make a real hard effort and stay in a hut in say northern Canada with no abilities to communicate with anyone :wink: All Im trying to say is that I think its great that people get influenced, its also quite important from an evolutionary stand point. Perpetual feedback loops of visual information distorted by humans over and over again, its wonderful.

Copying however, I still dont see the point unless its to gain specific technical skills and learn about the “laws” of art. Its just a dangerous path, for me. I get locked in the belief that what I am presently doing is right and it starts shaping the way I think and process my own ideas, hence further increasing the gab between my art and whats true to me. Im not saying other people cant benefit or add to their total potential this way, I just get confused and lose sense of what I really want to achieve.

> cipher yes, I have done lots of tutorials, and they dont confuse me in the above mentioned way at all, but they might take away some of my own initiative for finding alternate solutions, or worse let me believe that this is the smartest way to do it. They are a great way to learn specific workflows and techniques, love them!


I disagree with Faber just for the sake of disagreement and pissing him off( :wink: j/k)…
wazzup Faber…:smiley:

I actually agree with Faber Copying is useless it doesn’t build your style, you just end up looking like someone else. but influence causes that slight delicious hint of difference that makes ur art unique…