Where's the sale?


Hi there,

I’m checking the sale on the MaxonShop but I still see the full price:

Shouldn’t already be visible?

Edit: and then there’s this reseller example, how’s that a 30% off??

It’s supposed to be $2,586.5 not $2,795.0. Am I missing something?


Shouldn’t the reseller take care of that? Like novedge or toolfarm in US/UK
On my end, the reseller (in Asia) processed the discount for me.


This is what they have on the announcement page:

Place your order now at our online shops or at one of our authorized resellers.

Edit: OK, now it’s working. It’s still confusing though. From about $3,600 (can’t remember ATM the exact price, it’s just slightly more than 3600) the final price is now $3,094.00. That is about 14% and not 30%!!

Edit 2:

This offer is available only with a Maxon Service Agreement (MSA)

I thought the MSA was included :rage: