Where's the love for the Thunderbirds?


What in the world is going on with the Thunderbirds film?!? Evidently it was released on Friday. I say “evidently” because other than the fact that the website says “Now Playing,” theres been almost NO publicity or advertising of this film to indicate that it even exist.

Allright, I probably won’t go to see it anyway, but I really hate it when companies pull this kind of crap. They throw lots of money at a film to get it made and then spend almost nothing to promote it. I’ve read that companies usually spend about the same amount of money they spend on the films production as they do on its advertising and promotion. I haven’t seen ONE Thunderbirds commercial. They only way I know about it was because I happened to see the trailer on Quicktime.com’s movie section.

Why to companies do this? If they dont promote a movie, its destined to die at the box office. How do people see it if they don’t know its out? Are they just figuring that it will fail miserably so they dont even bother advertising? If so, why have it made in the first place?




judging from the movies trailer i cant say I blame the studios for doing so.


Ive seen the trailer for it on TV and in the theatre far more then Id like to. Maybe you just missed it.


i have seen a good bit of advertising on the tv and at movies but it doesnt even look mediocre it looks terrible


It was a GIANT bomb. Less than 3 million for the whole opening weekend. And CatWoman tanked as well. Its only pulled in 6 million putting it’s gross at under 30 million for 2 weeks of being in the theaters…



Well I for one could never stand the show, so I am not surprised it failed.


The Idea behind the show was cool, and could have been made into a great movie. I think the issue was that they turned it into a kids movie instead of a film for everyone.


I might have seen it if it were done with puppets. It just looks like a movie for today’s 3rd graders.



when will the studio execs learn that just because they liked something when they were 10 and are now nostalgic for it, doesn’t mean the rest of us give a flying f?


I think the issue was that they turned it into a kids movie instead of a film for everyone.

I think the issue was that they decided to make a ‘Thunderbirds’ movie. Did their market research actually uncover a present-day audience for this franchise? :shrug:


The trailer reminded me of everything bad in Lost in Space and Spy Kids, with some Power Rangers crap thrown in for giggles.

If there ain’t no luv, there’s a reason, and I for one am not surprised.


Wait until “Team America” comes out and uses the “supermarionation” of the old “Thunderbirds” show… and cleans up.

The execs that made this “Thunderbirds” film go the live action route rather than the marionettes method will have some 'splainin to do.


I think they should add Jonathan Frakes and the entire cast of the Thunderbirds to the list of people who “are all going to be really really mad when they see team america”.


LOL bin laden as a marionette… this film should be black listed.


what made them think they could even make a movie out of a show that could only be pulled off in 2d, and only kids really watched it? HOW COULD THEY EVEN THINK THEY COULD MAKE IT SOMEWHAT INTERESTING?!?!


In the UK it’s been promoted more then I could tolerate ANYTHING to be promoted.
as for why it tanked… well they took something where the only cool thing were the puppets and took away the puppets, did a poor restyling and made it into a new spy kids movie where bloody toddlers save their parents from an overly theatrical baddy.

It’s a shame because I have some friends who worked on it and I know for sure that some top notch people and work went into it, but the foundations were just not there, I hope it’s not going to bring Framestore down (because framestore bought the rights and took care of both production and post for this one).


Yeah I think people actually liked it the first time they saw it, when it was called Spy Kids 1,2, and 3.


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