Wheres the fun way to UV map an object?


when i do uvs in lightwave i usually morph it all out by hand until my entire model is on a flat plane or use the nifty box technique. I used the seam tool in blender which i thought was amazing to skin a bomber i made. Is there any plug-in to cut the model up like the seam tool in blender so it automatically falls flat the way you want it? whats the best way you guys do it in lightwave because im sick of morphing crap.

heres example im talking about if u dont know what i mean by seam tool. i think it owns…

yes im a newb who is hyper :smiley:


this might not be what you want as it is not within lightwave. Wings3d a free porgram that never ceases to amaze me has a built in automatic UV system that is really excellant, this is the most inuative way to UV map that i’ve ever used and it’s free


JDoliner that sounds interesting mate, can you talk a bit more about it? Does it have an “autopelt/relax uv” type function? I can rip UV maps like the best of them, it’s the distortion that kills me - trying to smooth it out to minimise the stretching.


How about this one?


Wow, the most basic version of unfold3D is $160.00USD, the high end one is $1225.00USD. I didn’t realize this pelting stuff cost so much. Well, I guess its worth it, it probably pays for itself after a few projects…



Both Wings and Blender do this kind of auto mapping though they’re not quite as sophisticated as Unfold3d. They’ll do the job though and both are free! Silo is also adding UV tools in version 2 (due out this year) apparently it will work in a similar way to this and Modos UVmapping. Silo is only $109 and I expect the UV tools to be excellent. It’s worth waiting to see anyway, I think Unfold3d is waaaay overpriced! - Baz


do u guys think lightwave 9 will support better tools to UV map?


IMHO…hard to say…if newtek want to keep LW at a lowcost and mid level tools…then nothing will happen…or after other competiter got better UV tools…and final we will get…
just like the paint tools…~~~~~…pls… don’t…do this way…


I had no idea that the auto UV tools in Wings were so Good, works flawlessly
and loads into LW with no glitches. Just takes a little practice, but it is free and
a treasure for sure.



The thing I keep wondering about UV mapping in external programs is this:

If I have a sub-D character, do I have to do something horrible like freeze it and export it in some lame format like Obj?

There was also a thread started by Pooby about using Cloth FX to create a pelt. Sounded interesting…


u can make a new morfmap and sferize it, then u can modifine this form on yo own opinion
(exuse for bad enflsh)


Taron have a fun method of uvmapping. He claims it’s not boring. Go to his webpage and see.



I had a look on Taron’s site via that link but I can’t see anything about UV mapping. Could you point me to it?


wings really does do a great job of getting rid of distortion and it does have a relax function






Well that was elucidating!


Thanks mate


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