Where would I start if I wanted to make a BLOG?


I’m not sure if I said it right, but I want to make one of those daily journal things. I have a website with tons of space and bandwidth. I think it’s a Unix server. So what would I need in order to get one of those cool BLOG thingies?

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You mean like LiveJournal? You can join millions of angry teens quoting Linkin Park lyrics.





Uh…I was thinking more like Jason Schleifer’s website www.jonhandhisdog.com where he keeps track of his progress with a dash of personal rants.

They might not be called BLOGS, hell I dunno. Just wanted to know how I could make one or get one.

I’ve no clue why you would recommend quoting rehashed angst-driven hodgepodge of words written by mediocre musicians and join a legion of harmone imbalenced adolescents in their antics of stupidity and defiance. Why did you even reply?





Yeah, that’s what I was looking for. Sorta like a news section that I can just update without having to go in and hard-code that in HTML.




That’s what LiveJournal is, so I thought I’d throw that out there. I had no idea you meant something like Jason’s site.


there’s also blogger. www.blogger.com it’s run by google now, and it has some nice features, like easy uploading of images with your posts using a program called Hello. I’m no blog expert, but i find it pretty easy to use. I believe you can host it on your own site.





As mentioned already, Blogger is the simplest way to get something up and running as you don’t have to install anything on your own website. You only need FTP-access to your own site to have blogger publish your pages on your own domain. And Blogger is free. If you are on a windows machine you can use wBloggar, this is a stand-alone program that let you publish stuff with blogger without the need to actually log into the blogger-site.

If you want something more powerfull and you can run stuff (like PHP and MySQL) on your own website then I recommend Geeklog (www.geeklog.net). I have several sites running on Geeklog (including my company website) and it is very robust software. It’s also Open Source so it’s freely available. And with Geeklog you don’t need any other software, all editing is done inside your own website.

You can also visit www.opensourcecms.com as they have several systems available online for you to play with and try out.


Cool. Thanks everyone for showing me all the options. This looks like a good way to quickly get up some info in cronological order.

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/me chokes on tounge laughing

nice one.


There is Movable Type also


might first check to see what your host can support. unfortunately mine doesn’t support PHP, so alot of cool, free stuff is unusable to me.

here’s a comparison of various Blogwares: http://www.asymptomatic.net/blogbreakdown.htm
and the winner (i think) of that comparison: http://wordpress.org/
my ISP does support PERL, so i’m looking at: http://www.blosxom.com/


First you’ll need some thick-framed glasses and a trucker cap. Take some high-contrast photos of yourself looking intense and/or mopey. Get your Amazon wishlist ready and start writing bad poetry. Congratulations, you are now ready to put up a blog.


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