Where to take this lineart?


Hi guys. I’m new. Not just to the CGTalk forum, but to this whole concept of moving sketches forward into finished paintings (as opposed to leaving them half-finished and crying in a corner somewhere). I’m not completely clueless, but I am completely terrified!

Anyway, I’ve just finished with some lineart that I’m rather fond of. It definitely has some issues, though. Like, I can see that the zombies at her feet and the rocks and some parts of her anatomy are not right, but I’m not sure how to make them right. Please point it out to me if I’m missing anything besides those things or if you can tell me how to fix them, because I’m stumped.

The main thing, though, is that I’m hesitating on how to move forward. I know that I want to keep my lineart intact, so I don’t want it to be 100% painterly, but I also don’t think I want to go flat colour or cell shading either. Does anyone have any thoughts, opinions, examples, etc? Do you think I should just forego colour, clean up what I have, fill in some black tones where necessary and leave it as comic-esque lineart? I would appreciate any guidence you folks have to offer.


I like the story this piece is telling!

Wonky anatomy is an understatement, here…You need to redraw this gal without clothes, so that you can get the anatomy correct…
Where the hell is her left elbow? Her arm looks almost straight. She is also suffering from hardly any shoulder on that side.

Her left leg is terribly fat in the thigh, but then withers up just above the knee, and promptly shrinks to the size of a small child from the knee down. Her right thigh is a bit chunky, but okay, until just past the knee, when it again shrinks up to child size…This is why I say strip off all the foo-foo clothing. You will be able to see such bad proportions if you remove all the distractions.

The zombies are zombies. Dead zombies. Other than being a bit flattened looking, anatomically (which can be helped down the road with good value shading), I don’t see any real problems with them.

The wall is just plain hokey and contrived looking. I mean, stop and think about this for just a moment. If YOU were going to sit down on a brick wall, dead zombies at your feet or not, would YOU choose to sit on the part that is all broken, and crumbly, with all those hard, pokey, sharp points and bits poking into your bum, or would you simply move your ass over a foot or so, and park it on the nice, smooth, level top edge of the wall??? I know which setting MY butt would choose!

You also seriously need to draw a background for this piece. It will never fly as a further development without it.

Truthfully, you can approach coloring this a hundred different ways.
But you need to shore up your foundation for this piece before you spend any time on detailing or coloring. It’s too weak a composition, with too many anatomical and design mistakes, to fly on its own, colored or linework.

This shows a LOT of promise as a concept. Tighten up your anatomy and layout design, so you can then build on it.



Thanks for the references!

I went over the body in blue and I saw some of the problems, yes. I looked at the references you linked and tried to rough in an outline to fix what I saw that was wrong… despite the sloppiness, I think I managed to put in a path for her left arm, but a couple of things still look wrong to me.

I highlighted in red the parts that I think look strange, but can’t see why. Is there a problem there or is it just that the elbow looks awkward that close to the body?

Also, the red arrow: Should the hips be tilted in that direction, since the shoulders and torso are, or is what I have with one side being scrunched up more correct?

Sorry for asking so many questions! If you couldn’t tell, I am very unsure of myself.

P.S: Ignore the mangled feet, I just put them there to… have something at the end of the legs.


Much improved!

The body is much more proportionate and believable now.
As for the elbow thing…Sit on a bench, or the edge of the bathtub, or the kitchen counter, and put your hand next to you. Yes, the elbow will look weird…But it looks realistic

I think you’ve done a good job on the redraw.



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