Where to print transparent window stickers?


I have a client that wants me to create some car window stickers. I already have the graphics, I just have no idea where to print something like that. Its low volume, around 10 stickers or less.

Does anyone know anybody that does clear, vinyl window sticker printouts?

This seemed like the most appropriate forum for this question :shrug:


I know you can get some at Office Max or Best Buy, but I really don’t know the quality…just go to the printing supplies…


Have you talked with any of the local print shops in your area? They might be able to help you locate a shop that can provide the service you need. Also, Has your client looked into it at all, or am I correct in presuming he wanted you to handle everything from creation to production?


Well she gave me the graphics, but she doesn’t know anything about what comes next. She simply wants me to get her some printed stickers.

No, I haven’t contacted any local shops about this. My experience with the local shops here (I’ve dealt with several on many other occasions), is that they will have no idea what to do, especially with such a small print run.

I’ve thought about www.CafePress.com but they don’t do transparent stickers.

I was hoping there would be an online shop that could handle this (one that could do this via emails and the internet). The client is in another state and I thought that that would be the best thing… for me to send the graphics to the shop and then the client pays and orders them and whatnot.


a local sign shop would probably know what you’re looking for, and might even be able to produce them for you.



I’ve bought static cling injet printer paper and its work ok. However, the image was somewhat transparent. Some people screenprint them on a product made by a company called NAZDAR. You could search for their website and take a look. Also, you might want to check around the forums at http://boards.screenprinters.net in the digital or screened transfer area. You can probably find someone there that can do a small run.


My sign shop replicates those types of weather durable outdoor vinyl graphics. I’m NOT advertising my services. 10 stickers isn’t going to pay my rent!

That being said, a local sign shop is definitely the way to go. Inkjet label stock is not going to hold up to the elements, period. A sign shop can print something thermally onto adhesive backed vinyl that’s design to last five or more years outdoors for things like vehicle graphics.

If they’re getting stuck on folders or something, great. Go cheap and get the Office Depot specials. If they need to be outdoor durable, go to a sign shop!


I saw this at the screenprint board. Maybe check them out.




If you talk to a sign shop, you can ask if they have a Gerber Edge. If so, they can print this type of thing. I’ve been out of the sign industry for about 9 years now - so there may be other brands that do the same thing - but the Gerber Edge is like the ‘Kleenex’ of brands. It’s what everybody says when they mean the generic idea (in this case printing on vinyl.)

The Edge is designed for sign work, though (viewed from a little ways away) so the detail isn’t as fine as you’d get from offset press printed materials. I’m not sure what the line screen value is, but if you find a shop with an Edge, you’ll likely be able to go there and see a sample.


Agent, I’ve got an Edge and an Edge II, but the solvent jets are where it’s at now; they used to be absolutely horrible with ridiculous banding, but they’re leaps and bounds above where they were. I guess the bottom line is he just needs to go to a sign shop and have them sort it out.


Edge’s are 300 dpi, Edge II’s are 600 dpi, and the solvent machines are much higher than both others.


Yeah, our eco-sol will do 1440dpi. We have done transparent vinyl, it turns out well.


Here is another company that does it. They have prices on their pdf document and you can upload files to them. I haven’t used either of these, just passing on the info.

They pay freight charges and never charge a setup fee, so they state.


Thanks for the info and links everybody!!! :thumbsup: I have some researching to do…

The client wants a more durable outside sticker. Thats why I’m not doing the ink-jet deal. I went to Office Depot yesterday and they tried to get me to buy some of those Avery clear labels, but that won’t do. Gona have to visit some sigh shops… and hope they do small runs.


They don’t do small runs though.

What size are the stickers?


They are 6 X 2 inches.


If it’s only one or two colors you could try the vinyl cut method. I did a sizable one color vinyl cut decal for a friend’s car and it only cost me about $20 bucks for materials.

The job was only for one decal so I hand cut it with an exacto knife. Took about an hour for a 10"x10" semi-complex design.


There are actually 3 different sticker designs. Two of them are 6x2 (one is 2-color and one is 3-color). I’m figuring that those can be printed on white vinyl stock. Then the other one is a 6x6 one color on clear vinyl. Thats the one that has me stumped. I need to get 10 each of each design.


I put you request on a board that has a forum for sign printers. Here is one of the companies that was suggested that does small runs.

http://www.allcompu.com/printcut/printcut.htm ; ask for Fred. I got his info from TSPMB(The screenprinters message boards)


Cool thanks XLNT 3d! Checking out that link…