Where to look for freelance work?


I usually just post my work on craigslist, and that’s how i’ve always gotten clients.
but I feel like there has to be a better way.
sure networking and word of mouth.
but I mean if you’re just like going at it cold, wheres a good place to post your work and find clients?

I’ve tried sites like elance in the past, and found them to be absolutely awful.
people trying to get fully rendered illustrations for $12/hr and have it done in 4 hours… .that kind of thing.


Depends on what you are doing? For artist looking to just put themselves out there.

If your just looking to put yourself out there and not targeting film and game work then books and challenges are golden opportunities

Books are great there are still people that get advertising gigs based off ballistic books that are 6, 7 years old at this point.

Magic Cards

Also make sure you are easily accessible I find artist everyday with little to no contact info.

Some here might offer more targeted work but in general there are hundreds of publishers looking for work every month to features artist so don’t be shy in approaching them about getting a feature


way of the world now :confused: global platform…and “clients” feed the beast :frowning:


www.fiverr.com but having a really good portfolio. I see too many 3d artists on fiverr.com showing fake renders they didn’t do. Be good and show the goods and put down a good price and they’ll come.


sites like fiverr should be forbidden by international law. the name alone says it all. it’s really an insult to any artist. to the OP: networking is really the best advice i can give, knowing people is still the best way of getting gigs. also if you do great work and put it out there regularly on vimeo, twitter, behance and co, people will eventually contact you. and of course try to do stuff that is somehow unique.


Not a fan of fiver either. It treat our work like fast food.


Pretty sure no one has ever said “artists will eat lots of food and always be full” XD


I don’t know ya’ll
First Fiverr used to make folks offer services for 5 dollars. Not anymore. They moved up in the world. You can charge anything from up to $10,000 and they have a new thing for super pros who can do things like 20,000-100,000 dollars.

I make an average of 4k a month using Fiverr.com. This month I made 5K. That is working 2 days a week less than 40 hours an entire month of work. So I don’t know why folks be hating. How many artists make about 4k-5k a month with less than 40 hours per an entire month and consistent? I’m not saying it is for everyone but you can make money and now you can charge what you want.

This is always a great way but you are talking to people who don’t know where to start.

Oh and check this out

Like I said I make about 3-5K a month part time, less than 40 hours a month. . If we worked full time we would be pulling easily about 8K-12K a month.

I’m just telling you from 1st hand experience. Again Fiverr no longer has the 5 dollar limit. You can charge what you want. You just have to find the balance as to how much time to do the job vs how much it is worth to you.

I’m just saying it has given us employment, allowed us to be free and opened up a life of travel and living abroad. So please don’t speak of things you just don’t know about. You may give the wrong advice.

I mean if you have an artist from South Asia, Latin America or Africa you just may be pulling money out of the pocket of these folks who could make a good living because they are apprehensive about using a site like.

Like I said 1st hand experience. I don’t even have to look for work. It comes to me. I’ve made over 100K on Fiverr.com.

I’m sorry some of you guys ain’t business folk. The amount of FX houses shut down and laying folks off proves that. Sorry I have to disagree with you on this one. I have first hand account…I don’t you you do unless you used it yourself but probably back in the day during the days of the 5 dollar limit. They’ve moved on.

[quote=]Not a fan of fiver either. It treat our work like fast food.[/quote]And yet that is how Hollywood treats most folks, working you ungodly hours, changing things that cost a VFX money, etc. At least something like this gives the power to the artist. And if you live in America you do know how much fast food companies make. Yes your local McDonalds makes as much if not more money a year than your fanciest gourmet Chef Ramse restaurant. If they are looking for a way to make a living online and a good place to start it may work for them. 3.5-5K USD a month living in Thailand is like making 200K a year for some folks. I mean a ton of folks looking for a job may benefit from something like this.

I’m not advocating this site nor do I work for them. In fact I hate a ton of their policies and ways of doing things but the result is first hand. 2 days a week, less that 40 hours a month and about 3.5K-5K minimum a month. In the last 2 years I’ve been able to live in Japan, Ecuador and I’m moving to Taiwan, Thailand and back to Japan for the 20/20 Olympics just for fun. This year I may just go to Columbia for 6 months and hit the beach.

It has been freeing for me and may be freeing for someone else. Yes it can be low hanging fruit but money is money. I worked corporate America but now have been given 100% freedom. If I want to take 2 weeks off to go to the beach I can. Heck I took 1 week in March to go to Machu Piccu Peru and at the end of the same month I took a 3 week vacation to Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka Japan. This has become a typical year for me for the past 2 years all because of a stupid site called Fiverr.com

[quote=]I’ve tried sites like elance in the past, and found them to be absolutely awful.
people trying to get fully rendered illustrations for $12/hr and have it done in 4 hours… .that kind of thing.[/quote]
At least with Fiverr.com you can set your own price and not their price. Let it work for you. There are Fiverr alternatives that you can set the price. Usually they are set in stone and customers come to you. The more your are seen, no matter the site, the more chances you have of getting hired.


Congrats on your success on Fiverr @ilovekaiju , though it’s a bit like Rick and Morty, there’s an infinite Morty’s, it just turns out in the Fiverr universe you’re the Mortyest of them all.


Thanks area51visitor. The thing is I want to help everyone have the same level if not more success. I know how it is to do the 9 to 5 and be stuck in a job I hate and now I know how freeing it is to be your own boss and almost have a level of freedom that hardly anyone gets to enjoy. I want to help others as it took me about 2 years to get to that point. So while now I am lazy…I worked hard to be lazy.

I want everyone to have that opportunity and not miss a single possibility that may help them.


I appreciate the insight.
I wish I was better at networking, but I really must spread my work out on social media more like you said.
About being UNIQUE.
I love that. I have so many unique ideas, but I feel like whenever I put out unique work, I get clients coming to me wanting me to match some other guys art style… :\


YUP that’s very true.
the love and inspiration people have for artwork basically funnels them into a slavelike work existence.
it’s like that in games but worse in movie VFX.
AND people are happy to do it! because they love what they do.

In my opinion though, you should value yourself more than the job, and always have a mind that if an employer starts to abuse you, then you can give
them the middle finger and walk away.

Artists should NOT become like all those beautiful famous women who gave harvey weinstein sex just because he runs the movie biz.
Sure no artist going out sex, but working 60hrs a week with no over time is pretty bad also …


If I want to use this thing to make a movie that I have an idea for - is that possible? ie. people will be getting paid AFTER the movie is released…!!!


Upwork is one of the well acclaimed and known sites for freelance work, try there.


My freelance has come from a variety of places, however, the most lucrative work has come from business development with individuals I’ve met or built relationships with. Most of my freelance now is derived from 15-20 year relationships with people. I ask a lot of questions and try to keep my mouth shut and listen. Then, when the time is most opportune (when they are in the most painful position, are up against the wall and very unhappy with their current vendors), I present a way that graphics can help those people with their problem. Being a solution to people’s problems and making them look good at the same time, builds loyalty, return business and referrals (some of your best business development leads will come from referrals).

Waiting for work to come to you, bidding for gigs or hoping you get hired among a slew of applicants/competitors puts you at a disadvantage. I’ve made some money with online sites, but its been piecemeal stuff. Occasionally, I’ve been able to convert a few of the online clients from those sites into offline clients and steadier flow of work.

Tons of businesses and entrepreneurs need graphics, you just have to find the ones that have the budget and mindset to invest in it. Your work can range from marketing materials to graphics needed to help someone or a business win a large business pitch. The larger the exposure (the amount of money to be gained or lost by the client) the higher value they place on their materials.

Think of your freelance like this;
People don’t buy exotic cars from craigslist, they buy crap and their are tons of scams. Higher end work is shopped for in a different arena. Find those arenas and build your reputation in those networks, and you’ll find work that is rewarding and worthy of your time. So you can treat your business/freelance work like car/house flippers that sell lipstick on a pig or you can sell a high end service.

It’s not easy, not easy at all. It also takes consistent building of relationships and networking to get yourself positioned for the best opportunities. Also, when you get older, it gets tougher getting a “job” at a respectable pay and to keep yourself employed for any amount of time. As you live life and want more flexibility and need to make more income, you better be a rainmaker or damn near close or your are screwed. Become the hunter, not the gatherer…transition yourself over time from being a grinder to being a finder!

Remember this;
It is better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared to take it. (Or to be in the position to take it on)


No. This is ridiculous.
The movie is unlikely to make any money.
The release date is uncertain, if it ever gets released.

You either make the entire movie yourself, or you hire people with your disposable income. Also, if you have no talent, they could steal your idea and have better claim to it than you in court.


That also reminds me of another source other than hard core entrepreneurs. There are those with a disposable income that are willing to invest in their own ideas about creating a product. Typically they are not happy with the products currently on the market for their needs, whether for their professional arenas or personal (many invest in learning tools for kids based on their own wants for their own children).

I know a game artist that has been on a 2 year retainer for a doctor that wants to create an interactive history game. He gets paid every month for development to work towards getting the pilot game done so that the doctor can pitch it to his inner circle of friends that also have disposable income to fund a more developed product that they can profit from…Typically the projects don’t get finished or never get past the pilot stage, but the people with disposable income still need to invest it or find a use for it instead of just being taxed. It also fills a little bit of their philanthropy activities.

I’ve jumped on board historical animations for small museums and societies that are able to raise $50k - 100k+ in funds to create media that serves their cause and/or represents their interests.

Sometimes you can find these people on your own, sometimes you find them through others that know how to find these opportunities. It’s all about networking and positioning yourself for the next opportunity. Keep asking questions and listen carefully. All the clues are out there to lead you to good relationships that can produce revenue off your services. You just have to search and uncover them. If you can get very good finding these opportunities on a steady basis, you don’t have to work for a single employer again and have much more control over your income and time. If you can excel at it, you can effectively move yourself into the Business Owner and Investor quadrants (check out the Rich Dad / Poor Dad quadrant philosophy on building wealth and financial freedom)