Where to go from here?


I’ve just read a figure drawing and a prospective book and currently am practicing drawing what i’ve learned. My problem is that I don’t know where to go from here-most of my drawings are bad. Should I learn how to draw manga since I like anime or learn anatomy some more to improve my people drawings? If there is something better that I can do please tell me?Any book recommendations to take me to the next level?


Have you read this thread on figure drawing advice?

Focusing on a specific style is not going to help you because every single stylization came from the basis of reality, and if you don’t understand intimately how reality works, how can you effectively depict a stylized version of it? How would you know where, how, how much to exaggerate, idealize, or simplify? Only when you have a strong understanding of reality will you be able to portray an effective stylized version of it.

These two threads would help you as well:



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