Where to go? Canada/ New Zealand (considering immigration)


Hi guys, Im looking for a country to go, to study and IMMIGRATE.
Im now considering Canada and New Zealand, and I need some help!
By the way, sorry for my english.

Here are some plans:
If Canada: considering Humber college 3D animation deploma. Since i need a work permit, I had to choose at least 2 year diploma course from public school, and felt Humber college is suitable. But not sure if its sufficient enough… So if I could, I want to try TTTC’s 1 year course - than Humber college.

and If New Zealand; I am considering Media Design School. But I heard that I MUST be hired in 1 year from graduation to stay there for more…

Are these plans realistic enough?? and which country do you think is better to settle down?? I also want to heard from immigrants of these countries.
I will really appreciate your advices…!:love:


Where are you currently located?