Where to get reference for modeling humans?


Hi, This goes out to all modelers.

when building a realistic model of a man/woman where do you get your body reference? I know some people flip through magazines for front, side and 3/4 pics of peoples faces but when it comes to the body what do you do? I would like to have a perfect side, back and front profile of the human form. I’m inspired by the work of Steven Stahlberg and I’m amazed by how accurate his models seem to be. Do most of you just push and pull vertices till its just right, photograph the nude form, go by photos or drawings in some art instruction book or what? Just curious.
Here’s what I have to go by for right now. I drew this template of a woman for proportion and accuracy then I can do costume designs on top in photoshop. How do you guys start when realism is a priority?




Go and check this site -> http://www.fineart.sk/
it can be helpful

and here is nice book http://www.fineart.sk/anat.htm



I think the most important thing for photorealism is to have a very strong knowledge and understanding of subject your modeling. A strong background in life drawing, anotomy, proportions etc etc… will help you alot.

Of course you should always have good reference to back you up, anotomy books, pictures etc… You should really understand all the nuances of the human body, what influences what, what connects what etc…

On top of all that a heap load of patience and skill :slight_smile:


Hey thanks guys that was fast!

Thanks for the link Dybiosh this is exactly what I was looking for.:buttrock:

@underdog: yeah I have patience pouring out my ears, still working on the 3d skills though. I have a pretty strong art background in life drawing/ traditional media. Bringing that into 3d is the real exciting part. Thanks for your help.


Coolz. It looks to be working for you, I guess I may have to try it myself.


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