Where to find quality human models?


Hello all,

I am in a pickle
I am not an organic modeler, yet I have been asked to create an animation for a medical / cosmetic procedure. This animation requires a female 3D model. I have tried playing around with the Lisa model from the presets, but trying to master the intricacies of the Hair module, and figuring out how to clothe her in a sports bra / shorts, texture her eyes, fingernails, and lips… it’s just more than the timeframe for this project compared with my relative unfamiliarity with hair and this application of cloth will realistically allow.

So, I set out trying to find a model for purchase, starting first at Turbosquid, and am extremely underwhelmed with the quality of the models I have seen

There has to be somewhere in which I can purchase a useable model.

Does anyone have any suggestions for where I can look?

Thank you

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You may have already thought of this, but if you can get past the lord of the rings porn style of marketing on the Daz3d site, there are actually some good models and high res texture maps (and believe it or not, clothing thats not a string bikini) you can purchase and use either with poser, or better yet Daz Studio which is free. I go this route very often using the different morph packages to add more realism, ethnicity, and age to the models. The morph packages are also good for adding imperfections to the often idealized bodies as well (more weight, less muscular, stuff like that).


here ya go…already textured as well.



The open source tool MakeHuman, has made great progress and is available with version 1.0 now. The models are nearly ready for animation purposes and come with uv-coordinates and texture.

Cheers Cube


For Hair: you can use a preset from the library with the poly selection the hair is connected to and shrinkwrap it onto a new char


Can’t get this link to work. Does it work for anyone else?


Interesting - yeah it worked for me.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions… it turns out that for what I need to show, the default Lisa model will do, as I can stay zoomed in on her bare mid section. I will bookmark this post though and reference it again in the likely event I find myself in need of such a model.


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That’s interestiing
there are precious few presets, but its good to have them
I was struggling with transferring it to the model, but since I ended up not needing to show her head, I moved on
such is the way of things when juggling 3 projects with tight deadlines. :wink:


Weird. Been trying all night and it just won’t work. Strange.


I just tried it again, and it didn’t work for me
so perhaps something went wonky between the last time I went there and the first time you attempted to do so.


Check out Ten 24

they have very very high quality scanned and retopo’ed humans for great prices.




Yeah, Ten 24’s site has been working but for the last 2 days 3dscanstore.com has not. This is the first time it’s worked since that link was posted.


I agree with JoelD that DAZ3D does have also some very high quality humans with very detailed skintextures (you have to skip a lot of garbage first). Very flexible to use on different models and with Morphs to adjust from skinny to very fat persons. Facemorphs can be adjusted according to your needs. Like I said, very flexible solution and very affordable too.



Been eying ten24 for awhile. Models are great and affordable as Mike says, but do not look to be very flexible if you need to rig or edit. Client comes back and says, change it to a 64 year old overweight asian woman holding a pill and swallowing it, and you’re stuck.


Yep, plus there is some issue with shooting them in a t-pose making it even harder for rigging.

The only drawback using Daz models is even the high res skin textures aren’t very high, so if you have to zoom in close like for an orthopedic procedure the skin starts to get blurry, not to mention no detailed normal or bump mapping. But it is great quality for next to no cost.


There are plenty of 4K res textures available thru Daz, but like you say, zooming in super close it will break up. But really, you’re not going to find many models out there that come with 6-8K+ texture maps (at least I haven’t—maybe on turbosquid?).

For those I create my own using resources like 3dsk http://www.3d.sk to work from.


Yeah, that’s why Ten 24 is so attractive. Their scans are 10k. Apparently they just purchased another 100 cameras so that’s promising. Do those 3d.sk shots come with anything prepped for normal mapping or do you just get the color to start from? How close have you gotten? Some of our shots are really tight on a 5" area of the skin, so we need a lot of detail.


Actually been a few years since I’ve used 3dsk, but from what I remember it was only high res photos. I think they have some prepped UV textures there too if you dig around.

I knew the textures were pretty high on ten24, but didn’t realize they were 10k. Nice.


I recently used one of the old Zygote Humans-To-Go models (because they have clothes) and weighted it with Mixamo. Worked great and was done in less than an hour. You probably need more detail than those Zygote models, but have a look you might be able to cobble something together. The Mixamo weighting is better than anything I’ve ever got out of C4Ds auto skin, not to mention it saves me literally about a day and half messing with points. As far as Cinema has come in the weight painting department, I still have to allocate minimum 12 hours to get a model really working. Looking through that point list for red numbers is like hell on earth.


Are you exporting the Maya rigged characters into C4d for that? Or do they have a C4D option?