Where the train is


Does anyone know where I can find blueprints or refs of a freight train??
kinda this style of train is what I’m after. The problem I’ve been having is I can’t find more than one (good) image of the same model train… Thanks



I did some looking on the internet for ya…

I found this site: http://paintshop.railfan.net/home.html

Not the prettiest looking drawings, but they appear to have a good amount of detail. Also views other than side ones are harder to come by…

Other sites I’ve looked over quickly either had a lot of dead links, or were trying to sell books of pics. Not quite that useful on short notice.


That’s all I could find. Thanks for the link! Thanks going to be a big help.



Hope this help you, freight engine print at

a whole section with different ones and boxcars at




That is probably the most resourceful link I’ve seen for blueprints. Thanks.



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